3 Republican Women Just Beat Beyonce For Most Admired Woman In The World

The American research-based performance and management consulting company Gallup, released their yearly list of most admired man and women in America.

Taking the lead were the names of the two most prominent liberals, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

Both of them have been on the top of these lists for a long time, but it appears that a new addition has been made to this record, with the names of some notable Republicans who found their way among all the prominent celebrities and politicians.

According to Gallup, the second most admired man in the United States is President Donald Trump. Also the names of Republicans John McCain and Mike Pence made it on the list, together with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The list of most popular women however, surprised many people when along the first to positions which were awarded to Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, the names of three notable Republican women were included in the top ten.

These women were Condoleezza Ric,  Melania Trump, and Nikki Haley. They even came before Beyonce and the Duchess of Cambridge  Kate Middleton.

Gallup pointed out that even though both Obama and Hillary have maintained their top spots for years, their popularity has declined.

As it appears, their positions are on  more shaky grounds this year, as compared with past analyses. For instance, Hillary received only 9 % this year which is the lowest percentage she has received since 2002. This year, she won the first place in a poll she registered with a personal low favorable rating.

This suggests that she is still regarded as the most admired woman in a lot of people’s minds, coming prior to some women on this list who maybe better liked but are just not as popular as her.

Obama’s percentage on the other hand, has also dropped to 17% from the 22% he received last year, however, he has received lower rates in several other years as well.

Featured Image Source H/T : Conservative Fighters 

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