After Donald Sends Military To Border, Migrant Caravan Makes A Sudden Announcement

Everyone has now heard about the 1,500 Central American migrants streaming their way through Mexico towards America’s Southern border.


This “army of illegals” would have to be accepted and considered for citizenship because they are not from Mexico, under current law.

Well, President Trump was having none of this, and he activated our military, specifically the National Guard, to stop these foreign invaders.

And apparently, it got their attention. Because they just changed their plans in a major way.

From AFP:

A caravan of Central American migrants whose trek across Mexico infuriated President Donald Trump has decided not to travel to the US border, leaders said Tuesday.

“We will wrap up our work in Mexico City,” said Irineo Mujica, the head of the migrant advocacy group People Without Borders (Pueblo sin Fronteras).

People without borders? This is America, a country with borders, and I’m sorry you misunderstood, but you can’t invade our country.

You cross our borders and we’ll treat you like the invading force you are.

The Republican president vowed to send the US military to secure the border and threatened to axe the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) if Mexico did not stop the caravan.

Exactly. I can’t imagine our last Commander-In-Chief would have been willing to stop an invading force onto our land.

Thankfully, in Donald Trump we have a man who values the American people more than political correctness.

He was willing to stand up for what was right, and by golly, it paid off.

Tell your President “Thank You” for standing up for us and not backing down, no matter the cost.

Source: AFP

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