After NPR Reporter Lies About Trump, Sarah Huckabee Gives Her Brutal Lesson In US History

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing yesterday to update the press on the eventful weekend last weekend.

Sarah commented on the reporters’ questions regarding a restaurant owner asking her to leave the premises. She confirmed that she was asked to leave and that she respected their wishes, despite liberals seeming to want a reaction from her. Thankfully, Sarah is more mature than that.

The most talked about topic, as usual, was illegal immigration and how that is being stopped by the Trump administration.

One reporter, Aisha Roscoe from NPR, asked Sarah a question that mischaracterized something President Trump had said.

“I want to see if you can kind of narrow down exactly what the President intends to do with this idea of not having judges. You say there are institutes where they don’t use judges but my understanding is if you do ask for asylum, you do have certain rights. So, is there going to be a change in that policy or what is this administration planning to do to make it so you don’t have to see a judge?”

Sarah patiently responded:

“Again, I’ve addressed this a couple of times – there are multiple instances where you wouldn’t – voluntary removal. Certain cases of expedited removal. If somebody comes through a port of entry seeking asylum, those cases and that process will be heard but at the same time the president’s ultimate goal is to secure the border and stop illegal immigration.”

Even after this concise explanation the reporter asked for more.

“What does that mean, practically? Like is the president planning to do anything differently or are you just saying this?”

Sarah is fed up with the lies from these reporters so here is where she lets them have it.

“The president has laid out what he’d like to see. We put out the things that we want to see in this immigration package months ago. We are still waiting on Congress to give us the ability to do that. Do you mean are we walking around making up laws? Because no, we are not the Obama administration. We are actually trying to enforce the laws that are on the books. We are actually asking Congress to do their part in the process and pass new legislation that will fix our immigration system.”

The reporters did not like this comment from Sarah but they refuse to stop telling lies so they give her no choice in the matter!

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