After Queen Gives Trumps Royal Welcome, Obamas Plant Fake News & It Backfires

Barack and Michelle Obama are feeling the loss of all the power and benefit that accompanies being the First Couple. They are particularly absent being the focal point of consideration. At the point when Queen Elizabeth II revealed an exceptionally uncommon imperial welcome to the Trumps, that the Obama never got, they were irritated. Wanting to spread President Donald Trump and Melania’s visit to Windsor Castle, they planted an absurd phony news story, and it reverse discharges for sure.

All things considered, it just took 48 long stretches of positive press providing details regarding the president’s first visit with the Queen for Barack and Michelle to lose their cool. The British media rushed to call attention to Her Majesty revealed all the magnificent pageantry and condition for President Trump and Melania.


The Queen’s decision of Windsor Castle demonstrates she needed to awe the president. Truth be told, the Monarch requested her Royal Guard to be in participation alongside a unique concealed imperial dais set with three seats. Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, who is known for her unique reports on the Royal Family, stated, “I’ve never observed the Queen do anything like this. It’s genuinely delightful and amazing.”

The official record of the Royal Family saluted the Trumps, tweeting, “A Guard of Honor gives a Royal Salute and the US National Anthem is played by the band framed of work force from the Coldstream and Grenadier Guards.”

In case you’re thinking about whether the Queen at any point gave the Obamas such a welcome, the appropriate response is actually no, off by a long shot. USA Today reports, “The presidential couple touched base at the huge 900 or more year-old fortification just miles west of London at around 5 p.m. nearby time, and shook hands with Her Majesty, 92, who was meeting her twelfth sitting president and the fourth she has facilitated at her end of the week living arrangement since the 1980s.”

At the point when the Obamas wrangled an end of the week at Windsor, the Queen didn’t get spruced up to meet them. She showed up where Marine One arrived on the grounds in a headscarf. No Royal Guard, no majestic welcome, no ceremony, and no condition.

So when radical media reports began saying that the Queen trolled President Trump by demonstrating she cherishes Barack and Michelle best, the vast majority couldn’t trust it. What had the British Monarch done to make this dramatization?

The Hill reports, “Ruler Elizabeth wore a clasp given to her by previous President Obama and previous first woman Michelle Obama on the day President Trump arrived in the U.K., as indicated by different reports.”

They include, “The Obamas gave the vintage ornament to the Queen amid a 2011 visit. The 14-karat yellow gold bit of gems is otherwise called the American State Visit clasp. The gesture to the previous president has been seen by some as an unpretentious punch at Trump.”

What? We should get this straight. The Queen wore this clasp when? All things considered, when you get the whole non-story, you will shake your head. The Queen wore this ornament on Thursday, not the day the Trumps chatted with her.

When you take a gander at the dress she is wearing when she wears this clasp, an entire day before she meets the president, it’s clear the ornament was picked for one reason: it coordinates her dress. This story is such a fantastic phony news plant, it can just originate from the Obamas, who are notorious for planting news positive to support their image.

Here’s the photo of the British Monarch wearing the little green bloom pin being referred to on Thursday, as she respected the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar to Windsor Castle. You be the judge if this is trolling Trump:

It’s hard to try and see the clasp, it’s so little and mixes in so well with this fancy green-peach dress that Her Majesty is wearing. Yet, this is making enormous news in Britain and the United States. US Weekly got in on the strange intrigue, announcing, “Elizabeth’s decision to wear the Obamas’ blessing around the same time Trump touched base in England may have been an occurrence, however considering the quantity of ornaments the Queen has, a few savants are supposing it was a ponder decision.”

Presently, does any normal individual think the 92-year-old Queen really wore this green-leaf ornament an entire day before she ever meets Trump, to send him some obscure message about Barack Obama? I think in the event that somebody got some information about these reports, she would take a gander at you like you’re crazy.

Which is the thing that the Obamas and their companions in the liberal media are, madly envious. The prevailing press are running with this crazy non-story as though it’s genuine news. It just goes to demonstrate to you Trump’s gathering with Queen Elizabeth went so well, all they got the opportunity to comfort themselves with is a regrettable phony news story to influence Barack and Michelle to feel like despite everything they matter.

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