As Trump Stepped on Stage in West Virginia, He Looked Out & Saw a Sign From GOD

Donald Trump’s mandate isn’t picture perfect.

He embraces the hate and the love of his people, and he keeps pushing forward.

Even though the mainstream media presents President Trump as the bad guy, he has the support of his people.

As reported by Subject Politics, the POTUS showed up at the national gathering of the national boy scouts of America. While he was giving a speech to approximately 40,000 people that were in front of him, something caught his attention. It made him so happy that he pulled out his beautiful and shiny smile.

This next thing will bring shivers down your spine.

In the middle of President Trump’s speech, a boy scout screamed: “I LOVE YOU, TRUMP!” These words aroused Trump to pause his speech and responded to the boy back with the words: “I LOVE YOU, TOO!” Suddenly the whole crowd united as one screamed on top of their lungs: “WE LOVE TRUMP, WE LOVE TRUMP!”

And that wasn’t the end folks. President Trump stirred the pot when he criticized Obama by asking the crowd “by the way, did Obama ever attend a jamboree?” In that moment 40,000 people burst in one massive “BOOOOO!” The gigantic crowd erupted when Trump assured everyone to reanimate Christmas and defend the rights of Christians in America.

Instead of turning his attention to more serious matters in our country like making an appearance at the national jamboree to give his support to our marvelous boy scouts, Obama was too busy filming an episode of the View. Yes, people you read that right, he would put an insignificant episode in front of our marvelous boy scouts. Obama only wanted to get the attention and to enjoy the company Hollywood celebrities and spent little to no time motivating our youngest generation. After all this, they have the courage to ask the question: “Why aren’t we winning?”

I guess the Democrats will never learn from their mistakes.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Subject Politics.

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