Barack Obama is Today Breathing Fire Over What Trump Did to Him

Even though President Trump has faced barrier in construction which promised wall, his administration is cracking down on illegal immigration nonetheless.

The Washington Times reported on a Significant immigration policy coverage announcement Monday from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement mind Thomas Homan near the border in San Diego.

The new policy, which can be significantly stricter than that of this Obama government, is that any and all illegal immigrants caught crossing the border illicitly will be charged with illegally entering the country, along with parents who bring children across with them could face additional charges of human smuggling. The parents are also detained — different from their children — while awaiting a hearing on the fees.

Formerly, individuals caught crossing the border have been given a deportation hearing date in civil court and released, upon which they generally disappeared into the nation and seldom showed up for their court to become deported. But that has changed.

“Our objective is to have the whole world know this border is not open. Do not come unlawfully,” Sessions said.

Illegal entry into the country is a misdemeanor crime punishable by up to six months in prison, and illegal entry after a previous deportation is a felony that may web two years in prison. If important criminal charges were the reason behind this prior deportation, the prison sentence could be up to a decade.

Illegal immigrant advocates immediately cried foul at the tougher enforcement policies, particularly in respect to the separation of parents from kids.

“The capricious and ruthless nature of this government’s immigration policy against undocumented and lawful immigrants is clearly observable when the most vulnerable of the vulnerable — children — become goals,” Salas told the Times. “This policy is nothing more than red meat to an insatiable anti-immigrant base.”

But for all of the outraged crying over illegal immigrant parents being separated from their children when found in violation of the law, liberals rarely utter a peep when American citizens that violate other legislation are separated from their own children when sent to jail, a hypocritcal duality pointed out by acting ICE director Homan.

He said attribute for the separation of parents and kids at the border dropped on the parents who tested the system and neglected. Homan stated he saw no reason why they should be treated any differently than every other parent charged or convicted of different offenses.

This crackdown on enforcement will undoubtedly lead to bigger caseloads for already backlogged immigration judges and federal prosecutors, but Border Patrol agents will probably be pleased their enforcement efforts will finally be backed up by serious consequences.

Indeed, below the prior catch-and-release coverages, it was not in any way uncommon for illegal immigrants to cross the border, get caught, get deported and then cross again, with lots of people racking up multiple — even dozens in certain instances — deportations on their documents.

Border Patrol agents and border security specialists consider this new policy of fees backed by detention will serve to discourage illegal immigrants from attempting to illicitly cross the boundary in the first place, much less a second time following deportation, because they know they will face real consequences for their actions.

Trump hasn’t given up on his promise to guarantee the nation with a wall along the southern boundary, and will continue to wrangle with Congress to secure the necessary funding to fully assemble that vital security measure.

In the meantime, his administration has sent a loud and clear message to the whole world that illegally crossing the once-open border will not be tolerated, and people who are caught doing so will pay a real price for their criminal acts.

Featured Image Source H/T: ConservativeTribune

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