Ben Carson Makes Genius Move For ICE, Now Illegals Are Fleeing In Droves

Illegal aliens will not be protected under President Trump. That was once universally understood by all Americans. But today, liberals want to help people who should not be in the U.S.

Illegal aliens take jobs away from American citizens. That includes many minorities. Why would liberals want to deprive African Americans of good-paying work? They have no answer for that.

Trump’s cabinet are following his lead to put Americans first. That includes Ben Carson, whose agency has a very bad track record. But all of that is about to change.

From Breitbart:

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Dr. Ben Carson told Breitbart News it is his aim to ensure federal contracting jobs and other economic opportunities go to “our people” and that his agency will cooperate “very much” with the Department of Justice to enforce the U.S.’s immigration laws…

“What we want to do, obviously, is empower people – that’s a major goal that we have – our people, American citizens. Our programs are aimed at that,” said the secretary.

“Our tremendous emphasis on [the] Section 3 [program], for example – which has been on the books for 50 years – [which says] if you are receiving HUD money you have an obligation to hire people of low income in that area or to train them or to give contracts to them. It’s been largely ignored.”

“We are putting incentives into that to make sure that it is used to develop our people,” Carson added.

Why is this a big deal? Well, I’m sure you know how many illegal aliens are hired in construction. It’s practically a running joke. Illegals line up outside hardware stores, waiting to be hired by the passing pickup trucks.

Now imagine an entire government agency that helps fund housing. All that tax money goes to construction projects to help develop communities. Much of it ends up in the hands of illegal laborers. Not in Trump’s America!

HUD has been getting away with this for years. Leaders in D.C. look the other way as tax dollars go to illegals, not American workers. Why should that stand any longer?

Carson has vowed to work closely with the Justice Department to make sure HUD isn’t funding illegal labor. He also spoke about much-needed policies, like E-verify, to crack down on illegal aliens working in the U.S. These are common sense practices that liberals have been dodging for years.

But Carson isn’t done yet. Illegals not only get work, thanks to HUD funds. They also get low-cost housing through the agency’s programs. Carson has promised to end this, through an inspection and application process. It will screen out illegal immigrants from receiving benefits meant for Americans.

Oh, be sure that liberals will freak out over this. But they have no reason to. Why should Americans be neglected in favor of outsiders? Shouldn’t we look after our own communities first? Democrats will never understand that.

Source: Breitbart

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