BLM Co-founder Turns on Hillary and Exposes The Lie She’s Been Telling America

Hillary Clinton likes to influence the black group to trust she underpins them, especially the Black Lives Matter organization, yet the pioneer of BLM simply presented the Clintons’ to the whole nation and she didn’t waste any words.

Alicia Garza is the leader and fellow supporter of Blacks Lives Matter and she sat down for a meeting with Bloomberg Businessweek and addressed different diversity inquiries regarding the issues with prejudice and the way it is tended to in America.

In the interview, Garza said Hillary Clinton’s activities don’t show she cares a lot about the movement.

Garza called attention to the way that the Clintons routinely utilizes black individuals for their her own particular advantage.

Garza said, “The Clintons use black people for votes, but then don’t do anything for black communities after they’re elected. They use us for photo ops,”

Garza also said that in spite of Clinton’s claims that “black lives matter,” she has been engaged with enactment that negatively affects black individuals in America.

“Early on, she would say, “Yes, black lives matter,” however she wouldn’t recognize her part in forms that generally indicated dark lives did not make a difference. She says that she is for economic justice, yet she doesn’t support the $15 a hour as the lowest pay permitted by law,” Garza said.

Maybe the greatest stun at the meeting is that Garza said the black groups aren’t “obliged” to the Democratic party in any way, which is an unmistakable difference to how the democrats feel about the black’s vote. Hillary feels like she has it all set up, yet she’s obviously off-base.

Featured Image Source H/T: ConsJournal

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