BOOM! 24Hrs After FISA Abuse Memo Drops, Special Counsel Robert Mueller Gets Bad News

Special Counsel Robert Mueller receives some bad news after the House Intelligence Committee has finally released the FISA abuse memo.

American people are furious after the details contained in the memo hit the headlines, because they  prove that Mueller’s nonsense investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion were nothing more than a skillful attack on President Trump.

Mueller is now receiving a blow after blow, and not just from American patriots. Even Congress members took it to Twitter to question his involvement in the corruption. Some are even discussing his removal.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), shared a tweet on his account urging people that now Mueller’s part in the scandal needs to be investigated and his work needs to be evaluated, to see whether or not his services are needed.

Duncan stated : “Finally, there needs to be a discussion as to whether the Mueller investigation is truly needed, seeing that the main premise that launched the investigation turned out to not be credible and was both directed and funded by political opponents. #FISAMemo,”

The answer to his statement is obvious. No. Of course that Mueller is no longer needed. And not only that, maybe a wise thing to do here would be to place him under house arrest until his trial begins. He plotted against the President, together with his fellow schemers James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and for that he deserves to be punished.

One angry Twitter user also lashed out at Mueller when he responded to Senator Duncan’s tweet,writing, “Mueller better be investigating Clinton and Obama, not Trump. They paid Russian sources for false info to abuse US Intelligence services to perpetrate a fraud on the American people and frame a duly elected President.”

This investigation was supposed to investigate people who committed a crime against Americans, not to go on a witch hunt against the president.

Many other infuriated Twitter users responded to Rep. Jeff Duncan’s tweet by showering it with angry remarks, aimed at Mueller.

A Twitter user by the name Will Morgan wrote, “Mueller’s conflicts of interest are staggering. This investigation has crossed the line from witch hunt to participation in a Seditious Conspiracy to subvert the will of the People. We should Demand a Special Counsel be created to investigate this.”

Yet another one, named “LUVFORUSA” stated, “#EndTheWitchHunt this is [an] abuse of power by Corrupt criminal Top FBI officials along with Obama administration & Clinton! Equal Justice Under The Law #LockThemUP.”

By all means, Mueller’s foolish investigation needs to end and all those who were engaging in this misconduct should be prosecuted.

A Twitter user named Sophie wrote, “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree time to end this charade and stop wasting our time & $$$ they still have NOT ONE IOTA of proof bc there was NEVER anything to find.This was all a hoax, a coup def one for the history books.”

Here word’s cannot be denied. It’s about time that these anti-Trump operatives answer for their crimes. Their bogus investigation has wasted a ton of taxpayer money, and Mueller hasn’t managed to find a single piece of evidence against Trump.

Nevertheless, now the game is over. Both the DOJ and the FBI have some serious explaining to do now that the whole nation is aware of their level of corruption.

It is of vital importance now, that Congress does its job and back President Donald Trump to fire both Robert Mueller and the man who appointed him, Rod Rosenstein.

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