BREAKING: 48Hrs After Drooling Kennedy Slammed Trump At SOTU – Look What Was Seen At His House!


President Donald Trump delivered his best speech to date. It was probably the best State Of The Union address of our lifetimes. Over 40 million Americans saw the speech, and it got rave reviews from both Democrats and Republicans. But after the President was finished,  the Democrats, who don’t have anyone in their stable, picked a byproduct of a bygone era to give the rebuttal.

They picked the drooling born with a silver spoon Joe Kennedy Jr. from the defunct Kennedy dynasty to give their response to the President’s remarkable speech. “Do as I say not as I do.” That’s what the Democrat Party slogan should be in 2018. And the drooling Democrat Joe Kennedy Jr. is no different.

Leaving the optics of the drooling Kennedy aside, what stood out to most people was something Kennedy said during the speech itself which was a direct attack on Trump’s proposed border wall.  The same wall we so desperately need to drastically reduce illegal immigration this country has been suffering from for decades.

Kennedy defiantly stated, “build a wall and my generation will tear it down!” He believes this nation should have open borders and that “my generation” will tear it down. Speak for yourself drooling Joe, I am of your “generation,” and I will fight tooth and nail to get this wall built, and to keep it standing.

But this is the perhaps the most outrageous part of his statement. You would think this Kennedy knows illegal aliens and lives amongst them like most of us in the middle class do. I don’t think he lives amongst illegals. Or even legal immigrants. He clearly forgot to mention that his family had lived behind walls for years!

The Daily Caller had more information on the Kennedy home behind a giant wall:

Beside saliva malfunctions and reminders of his Uncle Ted’s role in Mary Jo Kopechne’s death, Joe Kennedy III’s rebuttal to the State of the Union address had other issues.

The congressman used lofty rhetoric regarding what would happen if he were in charge of border integrity.

Yet the young congressman failed to mention that generations of Kennedys preceding him have enjoyed the protections and sanctity provided by walls and extra security at compounds stretching from Cape Cod to Palm Beach.

et the young congressman failed to mention that generations of Kennedys preceding him have enjoyed the protections and sanctity provided by walls and extra security at compounds stretching from Cape Cod to Palm Beach.

When the Kennedy family sold the estate in Palm Beach, Florida in 1995, the walls and gate were the only part of the two-acre oceanfront compound to be legally protected, according to The New York Times. The family had fought for years to keep the estate from historical designation to help resale value and make remodeling less complicated for a new owner.

The estate, which is only six miles from Mar-a-Lago, sold again in 2015 for $31 million. Meanwhile, the famed six-acre Kennedy compound with three homes on the Hyannis Port waterfront often had extra layers of police protection due to tourist curiosity surrounding the Kennedys. The estate was bequeathed to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute after the senator’s death in 2009.”

How funny is it that someone has the nerve to criticize President Trump and his border wall ideas, but forgets to mention that his very own family had spent many years living behind walls? It’s another example of a double standard where they can do it, but no one else can – especially President Trump!

Donald Trump wants to protect American citizens from violent criminals and illegal intruders just like anyone with a fence or wall around their home wants to protect their family. Trump’s family is the American citizens and they deserve protection from criminals. There’s no reason anyone should disagree with the concept of strong border protection. Everyone should accept legal immigrants while denying the illegal immigrants because they’re not following the law. If we’re a country of laws, then we need to follow them.

This Kennedy is indeed a Kennedy through and through. Hypocrites to the core, from turning their backs on the mob, which helped John F. Kennedy get elected, to the killing of a young intern when Ted Kennedy allowed her to drown in his car. They should be nowhere near any position of power.

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