In a stunning move that sent shockwaves throughout Germany, one crime-ravaged city has said “NO MORE!” The progress was made to stagger the strikingly high crime rates caused by refugees, and the town of Cottbus has had enough.

The city of Cottbus has banned all new migrants and refugees from entering and seeking asylum. The increased levels of crime and violence are out of control, and it all escalated once the refugees flooded their town. The surging violence is placing the residents in danger. The latest attack involved migrants slashing a teenager on the face with a knife.

The city of Cottbus lies southeast of ever-popular Berlin, and the grungy mix of violence between clashing extremists and refugees has everyone in danger. The best solution is to stop the number amount of refugees from entering and conjuring more crime and clashes. The town may be called anti-immigration, but if the immigrants flooding the streets causes people to be attacked, raped, and beaten – then it’s more sensible to no longer allow them to seek asylum. Those who seek refuge should not become part of the crime problem in any city. If they do, then they should be evicted from their host. If the asylum seekers had become productive, hard-working citizens, then the city of Cottbus would be thriving instead of dealing with a mega crime problem.

Cottbus reportedly has about 145 right-wing extremists in town, but their overall population is over 100,000. That’s a very small fraction of extremists and they were residents before the crime rate increased, meaning they weren’t part of the crime problem before. However, the crime rate is directly related to the number of migrant refugees seeking asylum and leading a life filled with crime and the inability to assimilate to the culture and laws of the town they invade. For example, gang-rape is illegal in most civilized cities, but the number of gang-rapes seem to increase in many cities where migrant refugees flood the streets at night seeking the next victim. Their inability to treat women with respect is harmful to every town they demean.

The adverse outcome with the increased number of migrant refugees is so bad that Germany once offered to pay the Muslim refugees money to leave. Germany offered Muslim migrants a one-time payment of $3,570 to go home. If that’s not desperate, then what is?

Fox News reports:

Cottbus, a small university center with just over 100,000 residents, has taken in around 3,000 asylum seekers since embattled German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the country to a large number of refugees in 2015.

Coupled with a lackluster economy, the influx has fueled anti-immigrant sentiment among German citizens, and Cottbus is home to one of the country’s largest right-wing extremist scenes.

Authorities counted 145 right-wing radicals living in Cottbus last year, Express Digest reported.

A community group told local media that neo-Nazis had assaulted refugees on the morning of New Year’s Day, while last weekend a group of around 100 masked neo-Nazis marched in an illegal demonstration through the city.

Brandenburg’s state interior minister Karl-Heinz Schroeter told a German broadcaster on Friday that the ban on new refugees would stay in effect “for the next few months.”

The city also will take safety measures including increased video surveillance, a larger presence of police officers and 10 new social worker positions throughout local schools, officials said.

A Cottbus police spokesperson told The Telegraph that officers were being deployed on daily foot patrols of the city from late afternoon to evening “for as long as it serves its purpose.”

Cottbus is not the first German city to impose a refugee ban. Last year the towns of Salzgitter, Delmenhorst and Wilhelmshaven in the northern state of Lower Saxony implemented a prohibition.”

Germany has possibly destroyed their country with the mega invasion of the Muslim migrant refugees who take the crime rates to the next level. Violence, filth, sex crimes, and more plague the streets of Germany and other locations as the refugee problem continues. Smart countries are banning the Muslims from seeing what has become of places like Germany, France, and Sweden – all slowly churning into third world countries with the increased levels of crime and filth. It won’t be long until President Trump can refer to some of the migrant friendly locations as “sh-tholes” after the migrants are finished rummaging through towns, fighting with locals, and creating havoc everywhere they go.

Will President Trump increase the sanctions on his travel restrictions? What can Trump do to protect Americans?

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