CA Governor Jerry Brown Has Mental Breakdown Trying To Defend His Massive Disaster

Governor of California Jerry Brown was forced to defend one of his worst projects. Speaking to a crowded room, he proved why he is out-of-touch with his own state as he had a mental breakdown, trying to defend the massive disaster he created.

California has had a couple of bad years. Much of it the leadership’s fault. They suffered through years of drought because they failed to build needed reservoirs. Then, the rains came, bringing massive flooding and damage to neglected infrastructure. Wildfires, which initially started with arson, destroyed much of the countryside. Next, there were mudslides that took out what was left.

While much of his state is suffering, Governor Jerry Brown has pushed one bad law after another. He has declared himself an enemy of the United States and our President. He and his cronies have rewarded criminals while attacking citizens. He spends money protecting illegal aliens, while California’s cities crumble to dust.

Yet, he doesn’t change his ways. Instead, he’s pushing for an idiotic high-speed rail that will cost the state a fortune. Numerous people have criticized this terrible project. But, in a recent speech, the governor told the world just what he thought of those critics. He unloaded on them, revealing the kind of bias and arrogance he has for anyone who disagrees with him.

California Gov. Jerry Brown gave a forceful defense of one of his signature projects Monday night, responding to critics of the escalating costs of the state’s high-speed rail program.

“That’s bullshit,” Brown said, at the outset of a 15-minute speech to California labor leaders at a Sacramento hotel.

Brown said the high-speed rail effort, with a newly escalated cost estimate of $77.3 billion to connect Los Angeles to San Francisco, was a small investment when compared with the scale of the California economy. Other countries such as Spain with much smaller economies, Brown said, have already built major high-speed rail lines…

“We can do it if we have the imagination, if we have the will and we don’t let these small-minded people intimidate us into lowering our expectations.” [Source: Los Angeles Times]

Yes, because if there’s one country that’s a model of economic prosperity and wise decisions, it’s Spain.

Considering the massive problems Jerry Brown’s state is facing, you’d think the California governor would be diverting all money to, you know, saving lives. The state has just barely recovered from massive wildfires and mudslides. What’s more, experts are predicting another coming drought. Any reasonable, intelligent leader would be putting the well-being of his people first.

But, what is Governor Jerry Brown doing? He’s pushing for an extremely expensive and unneeded rail project. Why? Because he made promises to labor unions and other groups when he got elected. He can’t let them down — or else!

It’s kind of ironic when you think about it. Jerry Brown is opposing President Donald Trump’s border wall tooth and nail. He criticizes President Trump for pushing a much-needed construction project. Meanwhile, Brown is pushing for his own project, one that few people believe is truly needed.

By the way, Trump’s wall is estimated to cost $25 billion. That’s a song compared to this ludicrous high-speed rail that’s estimated to require a staggering $98.1 billion in taxpayer money.

California’s bullet train appears to have released a “High Case” estimate of $98.1 billion to prepare the public for much higher tunneling costs.

Breitbart News reported on March 9 that the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s (CHSR) new chief program officer, Roy Hill, had issued a 114-page “2018 Draft Budget” with a “Base Case” cost to build the 500-mile bullet train that had more than doubled to $77.3 billion, or $155 million per mile.

That compared to the $37 billion, $74 million-per-mile plan that Gov. Schwarzenegger and other advocates claimed when they convinced voters to pass Proposition 1A in 2008. [Source: Breitbart]

Jerry Brown defends his expensive project by insulting his critics. As usual, he resorts to name-calling to push his cause, much like the rest of the left. He calls people being responsible “small-minded.” That’s right, according to Brown, if you don’t want to see California crippled with debt, you are small-minded.

But, this is the same man who called Trump supporters “cavemen,” so we shouldn’t be surprised. This is the same guy who defends illegal aliens while bullying taxpaying citizens. He’s a “leader” who wants to spend upwards of $98 billion to build a pointless high-speed rail, instead of investing in needed infrastructure. Someone’s small-mind alright. But, it isn’t his rivals.

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