De Niro Bans Trump From Every ‘Nobu Restaurant,’ POTUS Gives Him Nasty Surprise

Robert De Niro’s hatred of President Donald Trump erupted once again as he launched a restaurant and hotel in Spain called “Nobu,” which is part of a worldwide chain he co-owns with famous Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. The aging actor exploded in a tirade, banning the president from every Nobu in the world. Now, De Niro looks like a fool as Trump gave him a nasty surprise he won’t forget.

Robert De Niro was once celebrated as one of the greatest actors in the world. All that fame and celebrity went to his head, and at 74-years-old, he is consumed with rage over Donald Trump as our president.

Every interview he gives includes De Niro losing his cool as he obsesses over Trump. As Kellyanne Conway says, “He should pay rent to Trump for all that space he is taking up in his head.” That’s exactly what happened while De Niro was in Marabella, Spain, opening up another “Nobu” hotel and restaurant.

Daily Mail reported, “The Taxi Driver legend, 74, spoke exclusively to MailOnline…Robert discussed his reluctance to retire, his marriage-like relationship with Chef Nobu and his strong feelings on President Donald Trump – who he revealed would be barred from every Nobu restaurant if he tried to enter.”

De Niro said of Trump, “I don’t care what he likes. If he walked into a restaurant I was in, I’d walk out.” The expensive Nobu chain draws the biggest celebrities, and yes, the president has dined at Nobu in the past. Of course, it’s pretty darn arrogant of De Niro to think Trump has any inclination to dine at his restaurant now.

But that was just the start of a big brouhaha behind the scenes with his co-owner who happens to be the world-famous chef that the Nobu chain is named after. Nobuyuki was quick to refute De Niro during the interview, saying, “It’s my dream for Trump to sit next to Bob. To make them sushi!”

What? Yep, Nobuyuki owns the name “Nobu” and is the guy who inspired the chain of restaurants, and he just slapped De Niro with that remark. But that’s not all. The Raging Bullstar got a nasty surprise this morning thanks to President Trump: Nobu is a supporter of the president.

Only hours after De Niro banned Trump, his PR rep comes out and retracts the ban, and the only person who could have instigated that move is Nobu. The Hollywood Reporter writes, “Despite the Daily Mail saying that the president would be ‘barred from every Nobu restaurant if he tried to enter,’ the actor’s PR rep says it’s not true.”

Referring to Nobu’s comment that “It’s my dream for Trump to sit next to Bob. To make them sushi,” the Hollywood Reporter added, “Looks like that could still happen, because when THR reached out to De Niro’s rep for comment, he said, ‘Bob has not banned anyone from dining at Nobu.’”

Regarding the Daily Mail‘s story, which has been picked up by dozens of media outlets worldwide, he added, “I know what they wrote. No one is banned.” Good for Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. He made sure his nutjob partner, De Niro, got the message that his crazed obsession and hatred for our president isn’t something he or his restaurants will endorse, and I bet that made him furious.

We checked to see if De Niro gives Trump any credit for our booming economy with the unemployment rate at 3.9%, the lowest level in over 20 years. Or if De Niro sees Trump as doing anything “good” in the last 18 months.

No, De Niro just 4 weeks ago gave an interview at the screening of his Showtimedocumentary series called The Fourth Estate, and his motive is to “get Trump impeached.” This film is about the New York Times that De Niro sees as the “bastion of truth,” which is an incredibly ignorant statement.

“I’m not so much concerned about Republicans believing Trump’s bellowing bullsh*t about fake news. They’re not that stupid, most of them, but they’re pretty f*cking stupid,” De Niro said. “I’m very concerned about Republicans’ gutless acquiescence to Trump dismissing facts and creating his own alternate reality. This will never, never be right.”

De Niro added, “That’s why I’m very grateful to the [New York Times] journalists we’re about to see and legitimate journalists everywhere who devote themselves to showing us the truth.”

De Niro’s ignorance of the New York Times is shocking. For the last year, their White House correspondent Maggie Haberman, featured heavily in De Niro’s film, has been knowingly reporting fake news straight from the Deep State rats.

It was just last week that the NYT had to admit Trump was right, he was spied on by Barack Obama’s FBI and DOJ. Of course, they are still covering for the Deep State criminals helping them create a new false narrative that the spies were really just “informants,” so it wasn’t really spying.

Yeah, they can call the spies whatever they want, they were still spies. They use word games like reporting “no spies within the Trump campaign,” because the spies didn’t get hired by the Trump campaign. See how they twist the facts? And these are the bald-faced liars De Niro is backing as agents of truth?

For Robert De Niro and his cohorts in the mainstream media and Hollywood, a reckoning is coming. I’d love to be a fly on the wall as De Niro realizes his series The Fourth Estate will go down in the history books as an example of the scourage of fake news in America. Poor Bobby De Niro, he won’t be remembered for The Godfather, he’ll be remembered as an ignorant duped tool of the Deep State swamp rats in Washington, D.C.


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