Dr. Ben Carson Makes Huge Announcement That Stuns the Nation

Apart from exceptional character and an impressive intelligence nothing else can be expected from Ben Carson. A man of his caliber could undoubtedly thrive at any job position he finds himself in.

But now, with him in the position of the Secretary of the United States Housing and Urban Development Department, many are confused.

He is widely known for being a world-renowned brain surgeon, so a lot of people might thin that perhaps he’d be better suited for doing brain surgery, but they would be wrong.

The American people are lucky to have Dr.Carson precisely in this place.

Not that long ago, he stumbled upon an interesting piece of information, when he discovered a welfare rule that existed for half a century, but was unfortunately neglected.

The rule enabled Americans with low-income, to work for HUD within their own communities.

This suggests that contractors for work for HUG on construction projects also must meet requirements to hire local, low-income workers.

The fact that these workers would be within their communities, means that the contractors would be assisting them, and circulating the money right back into the local economy.

Here is how Dr. Carson explained his goal for the program, in an interview on Newsmax.

He said, “It’s not how many people we can get into public housing,” adding “it’s how many people we can get out of it.”

He also said on The Joe Pags Show, in reference to a law created in 1968  : “We’re going to put much more emphasis on Section 3, which requires HUD builders to use low-income residents as employees during the construction of these various developments and in the redevelopment of places.”

American people waste valuable time on working against regulations and their negative effects on business and the American economy.

Dr.Carson pointed out that the rule was unfortunately ignored for a long time, when he said, “It’s largely ignored right now. We’re going to change that by emphasizing it in a different way and incentivizing people to use it”

He continued : “Most major construction and reconstruction projects are known about well more than a year in advance.”

“If you know that already, why not prepare the people, begin to train the people, ahead of time — so that when you’re ready to do it, you have the workforce that’s necessary?”

It is wonderful to see that Dr.Carson is genuinely interested in rebuilding American communities, and while he does so, he’s also helping people rebuild their lives.

Featured Image Source H/T: Red Pill Poppers

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