Entitled Muslim Migrants Refuse To Let Security Lift Veils, Airport Has Perfect Solution

When an entitled man came in an airport with 3 female partners, he also refused to allow security elevator the women’s veils and began destroying the house.

However, as soon as a fed-up passenger stopped the guy’s tantrum by slapping him in his face, officials developed the perfect solution to finish his sanity once and for all.

Regardless of the West’s exceptional tolerance, hordes of Muslim migrants flock across our borders simply to demand we adapt their cultural and religious beliefs. Instead of assimilating or even incorporating, they invoke their entitlement, knowing that the politically appropriate government will immediately capitulate.

When a Kuwaiti national arrived in Delhi from Dubai, he had been welcomed into the immigration centre for processing as a new arrival. Like the thousands of other immigrants that regularly pass through the airport, the Muslim man was expected to complete a safety check which involved proving his identity.

As it came time to spot his 3 female companions, the guy refused to permit security to lift their Islamic veils in order to view their faces, citing their religious beliefs. Unfortunately for him he wasn’t dealing with subservient liberals.

The Express Tribune reports that after the Muslim immigrant refused to allow Delhi safety to identify the niqab-clad girls and began tearing up the immigration counter at a fit of rage, he not only suffered a humiliating face slap by a annoyed Thai nationwide but 4 Muslims were turned off from the airport and deported back to Dubai.

The episode occurred on September 4 if the Kuwaiti man arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport to enter India as an immigrant. However, things quickly turned sour when the man became outraged that airport safety required to confirm that his 3 veiled accomplices were the women they claimed to be.

“The male passenger was probably drunk as originally he refused to fill out the immigration form. After immigration officials were able to convince him, he refused to remove the burqa of passengers accompanying him for face identification. After the issue was not able to be solved for hours, then the immigration officials decided to send them back,” said a source at the airport.

As infuriating because it had been sent right back to the country he had left, the source confirmed that he had been humiliatingly slapped by a different immigrant for inducing a disrespectful scene, the Hindustan Times reports.

“He got angry and refused to fill this form. He abused the Indian and official system. While the officials were hoping to pacify him another passenger, who’d came from Bangkok, also asked him to fill out the sort. Instead of listening to the other passenger, the Kuwaiti federal entered into an argument with him. The passenger out of Bangkok slapped him” the official added.

Although the Thai immigrant showcased a shocking show of bodily violence, the immigration center allowed him to remain but led him away from the Muslims.

“He filled the immigration form however, the girls refused to unveil their own faces for face identification. Female Immigration officers were known but even then they didn’t cooperate. All of them started abusing immigration officials and tried to hurt the counter,” he added.

If Islam was this kind of tolerant, open-minded, calm faith, Muslims would be known for their flexibility and silent gratitude. Rather, we’re reminded every day by the tiny but extremely vocal minority of how racist and terrible Western nations are.

Through incessant whining and needs, Muslims make themselves look much larger and stronger than they are, preventing the majority from opposing their outrageous ultimatums.

Muslims are commanded to physically and politically warfare with unbelievers until another religion is eliminated and only Islam stays on earth.

Understandably, Muslims would not have the ability to achieve this unless their faith also allowed them to use violence, oppression, and, most of all, deception to get power throughout the world. What better way to rule the Western world than by using our benevolent tolerance and independence against us?

Featured Image Source H/T: MadWorldNews

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