GOT HIM! Trump Just Helped Capture One Of The Most Dangerous Men In The World – FINALLY In Custody!

When President Donald Trump took office, he promised to handle the biggest threat to the nation that his sanity regularly catered to and helped finance.

Making America great again was just a catchy saying, it was an actionable word he coined that he’s been making good on ever since declaring it.

We’ve seen it in his every action and assertive move, but handling terrorism in a big way is his loftiest aim yet and yet another achievement he can check off his list.

Trump is not tiptoeing around terrorism like Barack Hussein Obama is, he is fighting it and winning by accepting major players into custody and finish the Islamic State which grew under his predecessor.

Before this year he made a significant capture and he’s done it again, but this time it’s even larger. You’re going to love who he’s in custody now and is prepared to make him cover his major offenses against Americans.

One of the most infamous Muslim terrorists is currently facing the most effective leader in the world, President Trump, as ISIS as he understands it has almost completely dissipated in Iraq. The man called “White Beard” is in custody and he is responsible for one of their most horrific events understood because the rise of ISIS.

Among ISIS’ most feared executioners was captured by Iraqi security forces, according to reports.

The jihadi kingpin — nicknamed “White Beard” — is believed to have presided over dozens of k*llings from the terror group’s former stronghold of Mosul.

But now the Egyptian killer was nabbed after sailors revealed his hiding place in town, according to AhlulBayt News Agency.

He was reportedly present when homosexuals were thrown from buildings and victims b*headed and stoned to de*th for small offenses.

The evil terror boss is supposedly seen in many ailing execution videos filmed before the group’s self-proclaimed Caliphate in Syria and Iraq collapsed.

In one such clip in March 2015, three men accused of homosexuality and blasphemy are forced to their knees and publicly b*headed.

The blindfolded men are seen kneeling in the center of what appears to be a roundabout in front of a bunch of individuals as a masked executioner stands by using a long, rusty blade.

An elderly man that appears to be Omer addresses the audience as the executioner places his sword over the men’s heads in the unnamed town in northern Iraq.

Other slides appear to show him inspecting a pile of rocks ahead of a barbarous public stoning.

This is how you win a war on terror and comes almost a week and a half after a significant player in Benghazi was seized and brought to justice. This could only happen under Trump since Obama wasn’t assertive enough to do it rather only allowed terrorism to flourish. These days are finished and ISIS is shrinking from existence.

On December 21, 2017, we reported that there are people out there with blood in their hands who have done Hillary Clinton’s dirty work and now among the most important men and women who had a key part in her biggest scandal is presently in custody.

U.S. officials say special operations forces have seized a key militant in the 2012 Benghazi attack to a U.S. consulate that left four Americans d*advertising, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin confirms.

The officials said the assignment was accepted by President Donald Trump and done in coordination with Libya’s globally recognized authorities. The officials, who were not authorized to speak publicly to the issue and demanded anonymity, wouldn’t say where exactly he had been seized.

The Sept. 2012 assault k*lled Ambassador Chris Stevens, U.S. State Department computer specialist Sean Smith and CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

Had it not been for Trump in office, the sufferers of Benghazi would have had no possibility justice since Hillary would have swept the assault under the rug to shield herself and cover her activities that led to this punishing attack.

Liberals ought to be celebrating this most recent catch since Abu Omer targeted homosexuals specifically and made them cover a particularly gruesome and heinous manner.

Instead, they’ll continue to criticize Trump for whatever he does while ignoring the huge things he does for them and all of America to make this country great again since he promised he would do.

Featured Image Source H/T: TheSun

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