Hateful Celeb REFUSES Roseanne’s Offer To Appear On Her Pro-Trump Show – She Makes Them Regret It!

The family that everyone loves just made their big return debut on Tuesday nights. The Roseanne show just returned to t.v. after a 20-year break and fans of the show couldn’t be more excited about it! America just proved how much the show was missed after millions tuned in and they broke rating records. Almost the entire cast came back for the reboot of the show except one of the characters.

He is going to learn that his reasoning behind his decision was a big mistake since the show broke rating records and he just looks like a jealous fool.
George Clooney played Booker Brooks when the series first aired and to this day he and Roseanne remain friends so I a sure it was a slap in the face that he chose not to return to the show or show his support for her. He also chose not to congratulate her on the success of her show because he hates President Trump, which is pretty disgusting.

Recently, Roseanne was asked about George Clooney and his choices.

According to Too FabThere’s one very familiar face who won’t be returning to “Roseanne” this season on ABC: George Clooney.

Roseanne Barr appeared on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, where she was asked by the host if any of the show’s original cast members gave her a hard time about returning. While the core players — including John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Johnny Galecki, Michael Fishman and both Beckys, Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke — said yes, Clooney was a definite no-go.

“Well, George Clooney didn’t want to come on, so that was a bummer,” Barr admitted. “I thought, well, he lives in Italy.”

“He’s said some really silly things about me, but I still love him,” she added, without going into specifics.

Stern then asked if a story he’d heard about George from back in the day was true — that the actor had smashed a chocolate candy bar the network sent after the show reached #1 in the ratings. She confirmed the tale, saying he was ticked off because he knew what kinds of gifts other actors received for hitting similar milestones.

“[Clooney] goes, ‘Let’s go out, and I’ll throw it … and you hit it with a bat and then we’ll send the picture to the president of the network,” Barr explained. “He goes, ‘they f-cking gave whatshisface a Rolls Royce on this network!”

“That caused a lot of problems for me,” she added. “I should not have sent that picture. But it’s so funny.”

She also said Clooney would stoke her fear of being replaced on the show but putting the name “Sandy Duncan” on her dressing room door, a reference to the actress who took over Valerie Harper’s spot on “The Hogan Family.”

Roseanne has not been afraid to stick up for the president and set those who try to bash him straight. Recently, Roseanne appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and she told him off when he tried to bad mouth the president.
I love that she is not afraid to stand up for and support our president when so many chose not to.

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