HEADS WILL ROLL! With ONE Damning Statement James Comey Blew Trump Away

The man who shilled Hilary Clinton for years!

What James Comey shared left everybody in shock!

James Comey as probably most of you know, is the Former FBI Director that Donald Trump fired not long ago for not doing his job. After this happened the mainstream media went crazy! And you guessed it why, of course there was a conspiracy floating around that Donald Trump fired him because that wasn’t in his favor!

According to Liberal Writers on May 3rd James Comey testified under oath that Donald Trump actually didn’t interfere the agency in any way nor used it for political motives. He also said while working in the agency there wasn’t any way of political involvement, and the FBI was always being able to operate freely.

Former FBI Director  Robert Mueller was in the prosecution on Wednesday at the United States Department of Justice were he added more oil to the fire about the supposedly “conspiracy” that our president Donald Trump gave out secret information to the Russians. Such misinformation was taken by the media and made a bombshell, which obviously can’t be true.

A reporter for the New York Times-Michael Schmidt shared an information that came from unknown source that after the resignation of Michael Flynn a National Security Adviser, Mr. Trump supposedly requested for Comey to stop with the investigation for any connections that Flynn had with Russia.

After the false accusations against President Trump, Schmidt admitted that he haven’t even seen the document. The document was dated three months before James Comey testimony.

Mainstream media keeps sharing all the lies, but after what Vladimir Putin said it can end all the debates. This again exposes the Democrats trying everything to weaken Trump. But that is not going to happen!

Please share your thoughts and opinions on this down below!

God bless America and the American people!


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