Here’s the Data That Democrats Don’t Want You To See, But Sessions Is Revealing All

Attorney General Jeff Sessions blew a hole through the liberal narrative that illegal aliens are less likely to commit crime than native-born Americans. And this is data that Democrats definitely do not want you to see. According to a study cited by Sessions, the crime rate among illegal aliens is actually twice that of other residents, according to conviction data.

From Washington Times:

The report, from the Crime Prevention Research Center, used a previously untapped set of data from Arizona that detailed criminal convictions and found that illegal immigrants between 15 and 35 are less than 3 percent of the state’s population, but nearly 8 percent of its prison population.

And the crimes they were convicted of were, on the whole, more serious, said John R. Lott Jr., the report’s author and president of the research center.

His findings also challenge the general narrative that immigrants commit fewer crimes. Those past studies usually don’t look at legal versus illegal populations, Mr. Lott said.

Other reports tend to cloud the issue by mixing illegal and legal populations. That’s one of the reasons that you hear the term ‘immigrant’ instead of ‘illegal immigrant’ or ‘illegal alien’ when the question is asked, so as not to reveal the conflation.

But as Lott notes, those are two vastly different groups. Legal immigrants have adhered to the law and gone through sometimes years of waiting and effort to get here. And it shows in how they regard our laws.

“There appears to be a huge difference between the two groups,” Mr. Lott said. “The type of person who goes through the process to legally immigrate in the United States appears to be very law-abiding versus even the U.S.-born population. The reverse is true for undocumented immigrants — they are committing crimes, and more serious crimes.”

Among nearly 4,000 first- and second-degree murder convictions, undocumented immigrants accounted for nearly 13 percent — significantly higher than their percentage of the population. Legal immigrants, by contrast, were less than 1 percent of convicts. Native-born made up the rest.

Undocumented immigrants also accounted for five times the rate of convictions for money laundering and kidnapping and were three times more likely to be convicted of drive-by shootings.

Lott also noted that looking at the age range of 18-35 is important in the current debate because that age range encompasses the illegal alien Dreamers being considered in the DACA debate for a potential pathway to citizenship.

According to Lott, that age range has a crime rate of 250% higher than their percentage of the population should dictate.

The Washington Times said that they couldn’t confirm the study with other experts and Lott said he couldn’t turn over the raw data he had examined without the approval of the State of Arizona, based on the arrangement he had with them.

Sessions did not delay in making the point.

They’re more likely to be convicted of sexual assault, robbery, and driving under the influence. They’re more than twice as likely to be convicted of murder,” Mr. Sessions said in remarks prepared for a speech in Norfolk, Virginia.

He continued: “Tens of thousands of crimes have been committed in this country that would never have happened if our immigration laws were enforced and respected like they ought to be.”

This definitely blows up the liberal narrative.

And makes it all the more pressing the issue be adequately addressed.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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