Herman Cain Proves That Roseanne Is Not A Racist, And ABC’s True Motive For Canceling The Show

Today in an interview with Fox’s Neil Cavuto, former 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain revealed the real reason why Roseanne was canceled and proved that she’s no racist. Although Cain did go on to say he thought the specific comment she made was racist he doesn’t consider her a racist person.

Cain went on to say that he believes Roseanne’s pro-Trump politics could be the real reason as to why the show was canceled just hours after she tweeted an offensive comment to which she later apologized for.

Here are Herman Cain’s comments via Conservative 101:

“Well, first of all, it was despicable and it did have a racist implication. She overstepped her bounds and she didn’t think about what the backlash would be. However, I don’t disagree with all of the criticism that she has gotten. I question whether or not that was the only motivation for cancelling the show,” said Cain.

Cain said that he believes Roseanne’s pro-Trump politics could be the real reason it was canceled and ABC was just looking for an excuse. “I believe that some companies are so obsessed with trump derangement syndrome, conservative principles, that even if it sacrifices making money, they would not like to have that kind of defense of conservatism and Donald Trump in a popular show,” said Cain.

“We don’t know that, but I’m saying sometimes some of these organizations will forego making more money with successful ratings just to basically try to stand by their political point of view,” said Cain.

“Do you think Roseanne is a racist?” asked Neil Cavuto. “No. I’ve seen her show many times. I don’t think she’s a racist. I think she made some comments that she didn’t think about that would come across as sounding racist and indeed they were racist comments,” said Cain.

As you all know by now almost immediately after the tweet, ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey made the decision to pull the plug, calling the tweets “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.” There is clearly a double standard here. ABC/Disney clearly has an agenda and when Roseanne apologized this should have been the end of it since to date no one has ever apologized to President Trump, or us, his supporters for all the nasty and evil things that have been said about him, and us.

President Trump and us Trump supporters have had to put up with everything under the sun. We get called names and are belittled at every turn, to the point that polls will never reflect the truth about how much support President Trump has because of the fear of being branded a bigot or a racist.

When it comes to Roseanne the woman is a Jew. And as a Jew she knows perfectly well what racism means. And Herman Cain is 100% percent spot on, Roseanne’s tweet was racist, she isn’t. Just like when Olbermann, who is considered a rock star to ABC, Disney and ESPN made the comment about President Trump being an Orangutan. But of course, because the President is white, we never saw any outrage about that, nor an apology.

Here is more on this via Fox News:

“A harsh new spotlight is falling on the vulgar social media history of ESPN star Keith Olbermann after the network’s parent, Disney, fired Roseanne Barr for a racist tweet.

On Tuesday, ABC pulled the plug on the wildly popular reboot of “Roseanne” after its namesake posted a racist and offensive tweet about former President Obama’s aide and close friend Valerie Jarrett. Last week, ABC’s cable sister, ESPN, announced that anti-Trump pundit Olbermann would return to the network despite a foul-mouthed Twitter account that includes countless offensive remarks directed at the president and his surrogates.

ESPN personality-turned-political commentator Britt McHenry told Fox News that “Olbermann has proven time and time again how irrationally angry, prejudiced, and outright bigoted he truly is,” but none of that apparently matters to Disney executives.

“The message is clear: If you’re a liberal, any free speech is allowed. Same rules don’t apply,” McHenry said.

This is Olbermann’s sixth stint at ESPN and the time in between has been largely spent as a far-left political pundit on MSNBC and an assortment of other networks. Most recently, he anchored an anti-Trump online program for GQ, “The Resistance,” and authored a book titled, “Trump is F*cking Crazy: (This is Not a Joke).”

While Olbermann is not racist, he can certainly be considered offensive and has used profanity when attacking the president, whom he has called a “Nazi” on a regular basis. In Aug. 2017, Olbermann tweeted at first daughter Ivanka Trump and called her father a “neo-Nazi,” and “racist.” He has also written “f—k you” to Trump numerous times, but ESPN’s newest star doesn’t bother to use the sanitized version of the cuss word.

Conservative talk radio host Ben Ferguson said there was “clearly” a double standard at Disney during a Wednesday morning appearance on CNN, while former ESPN employee Curt Schilling tweeted, “The irony of Disney canning Roseanne while continuing to employ some of the industry’s biggest racist and race baiting frauds… is not lost on most.”

Jedediah Bila recently tweeted that Barr’s comment was “despicable,” and, much like the “Roseanne” namesake, “Olbermann has made awful comments that should make him unemployable by respectable outlets.”

In addition to repeated, over-the-top profanity directed at Trump, Olbermann also once claimed that Trump and his family have done more damage to the U.S. than Usama bin Laden. He was also widely criticized when his anti-Trump book featured a cover image of himself draped in the American flag, which is visibly touching the ground – a violation of U.S. flag code.

Media analyst Jeffrey McCall told Fox News that “nobody should feel sorry for Roseanne,” but “it does seem Disney needs to provide some clarity about what it expects from other employees regarding public civility.”

McCall pointed out that Olbermann has engaged in “name calling and harsh personal attacks and the corporation doesn’t seem to mind,” and said he thinks the same rules should apply to “all of their polarizing personalities.”

ESPN was criticized for bringing the polarizing Olbermann back and that was before Barr’s firing resulted in talk of a double standard within Disney regarding who can get away with offensive rhetoric. ESPN has been under fire recently for what many media watchdogs consider a liberal bias and even stood by Jemele Hill last year when she called Trump a “white supremacist.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Shalini Ramachandran published a piece last week about how a “weakened ESPN became consumed by politics,” which details several polarizing decisions the network has made in recent memory. The report notes that conservative ESPN staffers have been “frustrated” by the network’s politics, which include everything from standing by Hill and selecting Caitlyn Jenner for its prestigious “ESPY” award for courage to constant on-air debates over the NFL’s national anthem controversy.

“ESPN just continues to pile problems on itself by continuing its tired trope of liberal programming and moralizing. And when it comes to liberal moralizing, who better than the seemingly-forgotten Keith Olbermann? ESPN’s decision to hire the conservative-bashing blowhard only reinforces what it’s ever-fleeting viewers already know – the network cares more about advancing leftists causes than it does about sports, or, frankly, its own ratings,” National Center for Public Policy Research general counsel Justin Danhof told Fox News.”


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