HOW DID HILLARY’S Brother, A Former Repo Man, and Prison Guard, End Up Sitting On The Board Of A Highly Profitable Gold Mine In

Bill and Hillary Clinton joined in on the Democrats’ group attack of the President for referring to Haiti as a “shithole” during a private meeting at the White House. 

However, what the Clintons failed to predict was that this will open up a nasty old wound.

Former President Bill Clinton shared a tweet in which he expressed his concern for the Haitian people.

And this happens after they collected billions of dollars in relief help through their twisted foundation, on the backs on the poor Haitian victims.

Hillary also tweeted regarding this issue calling the President’s rhetoric “ignorant” and “racist”

Three years back, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s youngest  brother, said to her while he was sitting in a courtroom : “Don’t worry, the money is coming.”

According to a transcript from the court that was revealed by the New York Times, Tony Rodham said “I deal through the Clinton Foundation.”

He claimed that his sister and brother-in-law were setting him up with Haitian-government permits to build a $22 million housing development in the earthquake-stricken country. He explained “I hound my brother-in-law, because it’s his fund that we’re going to get our money from.”

The Washington Post also discussed Tony Rodham’s involvement with the mine, which has become a source of controversy in Haiti. Reportedly, the mine has raised concerns about potential environmental damage.

Both Rodham and the chief executive f Delaware at the time said for the Washington Post that they were introduced at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative.

When he was asked about the reason  why he attended this meetings, whether it was for personal business opportunities, Rodham said : “No, I go to see old friends. But you never know what can happen.”

However, all parts denied the accusations that the Clintons played any part in his appointment to the VCS advisory board.

Rodham claimed that his Haiti projects had no connection to his sister or the former president. He also said that he didn’t think that the VCS  chief executive and president Angelo Viard, a Democratic donor, contacted him because of his family ties. He didn’t say who introduced him to Viard, claiming that he couldn’t remember.

“I’m a very accomplished person in my own right,” Rodham said. He said his work with the company is to try to find investors, which he said has been challenging because of a lack of interest in Haiti.

“I raise money for a lot of people,” he said. “That’s what I basically do.”

Back in December 2012, VCS obtained one of the first two gold-mining permits that the Haitian government had issued in more than half a century. Then the project was instantly shut down by members of the Haitian Senate who referred to it as a potential environmental disaster and “a waste of resources.” This made the government pause the permits.

Viard claimed that Rodham had no part in the effort to obtain the permits, which was granted before he joined the board. Instead he was offered stock options that were only valid if the project was successful.

He said, “It sounds like people were not interested in Haiti,” since Rodham didn’t manage to bring in any investors.

Hillary Clinton’s brother has been an big source of controversy for the Clinton family. He and his brother Hugh caused distress in the Clinton White House back in 1999 when they tried to operate a ‘hazelnut-processing’ business in Georgia alongside some political opponents of the Georgian president who was an ally to the United States.

Nevertheless, President Trump had something to say about Hillary’s involvement in Haiti and the connections between her brother and her, regarding the Haitian gold mine.

In a statement before the audience during his campaign, he said that the people in Haiti despise the Clintons for what they did to them. Because as people were dying in Haiti during the deadly earthquake, “The Clintons couldn’t stop cashing in.”

Stephen Miller, an outspoken White House lawyer, read before Trump supporters, what really happened in Haiti with Hillary’s brother at a Trump rally in New Mexico. He read from “Clinton Clash” this :

“I want to explain this. Hillary Clinton funnels grant money to this company, then the company pays Bill Clinton money. You know what it kind of sounds like to me? It kind of sounds like a money laundering scheme.

Now, listen to this. You all remember how they put the Clintons in charge of the Haiti relief? Here’s what the book says about that. I’m going to read right from the book right now.

We would all like everyone in the media to cover this book, wouldn’t we? So we’re going to have a little reading time. I’m going to read from the book.

And I will show up at all the rallies and keep reading from the book until the media writes about it.

This is what the book says: The effort to rebuild Haiti — which were largely controlled by Bill and Hillary Clinton, have been a massive failure. Funds for reconstruction have ended up in worthless projects, while in several cases, Clinton friends, allies and family members have benefitted from the reconstruction. The reality seems clear. As one individual told the Wall Street Journal, “you won’t be in the gang.”

Does that sound like a good way to run disaster relief? No. The book continues.

It is hard to overstate the power the Clintons wielded in the dispersement of U.S. taxpayer money for Haitian relief.

This next part is the most shocking. Listen to this.

But it wasn’t just connected businessmen, who were benefitting from the rebuilding of Haiti.

Clinton family members did too… Bill and Hillary have been looking for investors to come to Haiti, but it was a ripoff. One possible bright spot was mining. Haiti is rich in natural minerals. There’s an estimated $20 billion in Gold, Silver and other precious metals.

In 2012, the Haitian government decided to do something it hasn’t done in half a century. Grant permits for gold mining… One of the two recipients was a small North Carolina startup called BCS Mining. The company had little track record of mining operations, but its leadership would later vote for a board member with a familiar last name. Tony Rodham, Hillary’s youngest brother.

Nice how that all worked out, isn’t it?”

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