ICE Accomplishes Amazing Feat In A Single Week, California Liberals Are NOT Happy!

Washington, D.C., might be skittish about illegal immigration, but President Donald Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement has reached a new milestone in a single week. In fact, they’ve accomplished an amazing feat — and California liberals are not happy.

Patriots cheer when we learn about successes by ICE, not because we hate immigrants, but because we’re sick of people breaking our laws. Illegal immigrants violate our borders. They exploit weaknesses in our policy. They take jobs from American citizens. And, they are often tools of drug cartels.

It takes some tough customers to enforce immigration. That’s just what President Donald Trump has in the acting ICE director, Thomas Homan. The uncompromising enforcer recently called for an increase in operations by 400 percent as ICE has been rounding up illegal aliens across the country.

It seems like his agency has taken that directive seriously. Just this week alone, they have raided 77 businesses in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas. It was the largest localized raid by ICE since President Trump took office. This sweep was unannounced and unexpected. Businesses that were employing illegal immigrants were hit hard. Now, they’re paying the price, and rightfully so.

Less than a month after federal immigration officials raided nearly 100 7-Eleven stores nationwide, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents conducted another sweep this week in Northern California, officials said Thursday.

This time, ICE agents searched 77 businesses in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas in what was believed to be the largest localized raid since President Donald Trump took office, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The raid underscores ICE acting director Thomas Homan’s call for a “400 percent increase” in agency operations focusing on workplaces, the paper reported. [Source: Fox News]

You probably heard about the previous 100 7-Eleven raids by federal immigration officials from January. That sweep hit the illegal immigrant community hard. Apparently, this chain of stores was in the business of employing illegals. Not good, my friends, not good. These kinds of sweeps leave businesses that protect illegals disoriented and rattled. They will face a variety of fines and charges, making them less-likely to employ illegals again.

And, of course, it catches illegal immigrants and prepares them for deportation.

However, what’s interesting about this most recent raid is that ICE is keeping the names of the businesses quiet.

Unlike the 7-Eleven raids in January, which resulted in 21 arrests, ICE didn’t identify the businesses hit this week, nor did the agency make any immediate arrests, the paper reported.

However, federal immigration officials issued notices of inspection, and ordered the businesses to provide proof their employees are legally allowed to work in the U.S. — giving them three days to comply, the paper reported. [Source: Fox News]

This is another tactic by ICE to keep criminals on their toes. By not announcing the names of the businesses, people can only speculate. What kinds of businesses are they targeting? Restaurants? Construction sites? Uber!? By not knowing, other businesses will be put on edge, forcing them to rethink who they’re employing.

Advocates for illegal immigration hate this. They have tried to get the Department of Justice and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to submit their plans months in advance. That way, illegals will be long gone before they arrive. To understand how ridiculous this is, think of cops letting gang members know they’re raiding their crack houses ahead of time! Why even bother with the raid if the criminal knows you’re coming?

The strong attention paid to California is a direct result of their sanctuary status. When Governor Jerry Brown signed that bill into law, ICE made it clear they wouldn’t back down. Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan promised greater attention on California, as a result of their lawlessness, and it looks like he’s making good on his word.

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