JUST IN: Sudden Turn Of Events After Melania’s So-Called ‘Successful’ Surgery – Trump Releases Statement

It has only been a day since news broke of First Lady MelaniaTrump being hurried into Walter Reed Hospital just outside of D.C..

She’d suffered a medical illness that required urgent care and underwent a embolization procedure to properly treat a kidney condition. The report of her condition was not published until after she’d come out of surgery, which was believed to have been “successful”

Now there has been a surprising turn of events within this frightening ordeal. Since the crisis, President Trump has released a public statement and it no time whatsoever for him to become grossly attacked over his sentiments.

In our original report of the medical crisis, we’d postulated that the left would use this private and scary scenario to attack the president and first family. They didn’t (or did) disappoint with doing exactly that and in record time. Melania likely was not even entirely from anesthesia when the verbal abuse came pouring in after the announcement of her condition.

Walter Reed’s upgrade on the very first lady remains that her operation was successful and she is resting and regaining at this moment. However, this flip turn of events in this situation is the last thing that she needs.

President Trump did not immediately accompany her into the hospital contemplating his entire schedule now as the POTUS, and perhaps because he did not understand the situation was serious as it turned out.

Melania is surrounded by the very best care she could receive, top-notch safety, and personnel. He entrusted these individuals to ensure everything went smoothly at the beginning, knowing that he’d arrive after she was out of operation.

Additionally, the plethora of allegations that he wasn’t bothering to be with her during this hospital stay was only another liberal lie to attack him for. He had been in the hospital today, as Fox News reports:

President Trump arrived at the hospital Monday afternoon to visit the first lady.

A White House official told Fox News that the president talked with his wife prior to the procedure, and spoke with her physician later. Trump arrived at the hospital and got to a waiting SUV. He waved to colleagues, but declined to talk.

It was these Twitter statements which led to a torrent of attacks by the left. However, there was nothing he could say or do that could have finished any different since if he’d been in the hospital, his trolling detractors could have been angry about him not doing his job because the president.

A number of these responses crossed the line, especially considering they had been mentioned while his spouse is in the hospital.

One came from an account made to seem like Trump’s official Twitter accounts, but the handle proves otherwise along with the foul claim it created:

The president is under no duty to provide a public announcement on a private ordeal that was still unfolding at the time he submitted about China and has been attacked for this. Waiting for the update on this situation with his spouse is significant and he had been working until he had all of the details.

Considering just how much he and his family are attacked, he likely wants to become more calculated regarding what he says to the general public about his spouse, waiting for all the advice to come in before declaring anything. That’s a protective and commendable thing to do.

Featured Image Source H/T: PSRepublic

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