JUST IN: US Border Patrol Issues Urgent Warning to Trump

Ever since our President was appointed as head of state, he has done everything in his power to do what is best.

If that means to face critics all the time he does that, as he does not care more for his own good than he does for his people.

He pays special attention to our border and wants it to be strong, so we feel as safe as we can!

When he visited Arizona recently, he was told some bad news as America is facing a threat. According to Christian News Alert, mostly ICE agents informed our main man for human trafficking.

It immediately sounds like a huge problem, but when you get to know details it is worse. He didn’t wait to react, and although he didn’t give out top-secret information, he did give us a little intel.

Here is Trumps statement:

“During that visit, I heard first hand from the front line agents about the security threats they confront each and every day, and I pledged my continued resolve to them, and all of you, to keep our country safe.”

He had some more words for the attendance in Phoenix, encouraging: “We respect and cherish our ICE officers and our Border Patrol agents, and we respect and cherish our police officers, and our firemen, and all of our uniform services.”

You may not know this because the mainstream media does everything to hide it, but Trump has done a great job. According to a lot of inside sources, everyone employed in border patrol gives their maximum because they know Trump stands behind them. We need to share the word about this so the leftist don’t feel they are on top.

What do you think, will we have issues with our border after Trump finishes with all of his projects?

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Christian News Alerts.

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