Melania Just Fired Them ALL! ‘That Is Not Acceptable Here – I Won’t Allow It!’

FLOTUS Melania Trump simply sent them packing! She published multiple individuals from their positions because she wouldn’t allow taxpayers to be ripped off for jobs that were simply not needed — quite contrary to the former first lady, Michelle Obama.

While Melania Trump takes on larger roles and a more busy schedule, she’s proven herself to devote a lot less than what Obama did. This information is about as Melania Trump runs one of the lightest East Wings in recent history.

Melania Trump’s team is simply four people who make a combined $486,700, even less in comparison to Obama. Understanding that Melania Trump refuses to employ 12 additional people to do jobs which may be handled by himself and four others is a wonderful bit of information since it reduces wasteful spending of the taxpayer money.

Not taking the excess staff for jobs which can be managed by fewer individuals is a step in the right direction towards reducing the sum of money spent from the government and reveals that Melania cares to become cautious in her position as the first woman. That is an enjoyable quality for a first lady to have since it spreads a message about being accountable and not overspending.

Fox News reported on Melania’s smaller staff: “The details are contained in an annual report the White House sends to Congress showing the names, positions and salaries of all its personnel. Both the Obama and Trump administrations confessed several added staffers beyond those recorded in the report together with the expression “first woman” in their names. But even counting all of those workers — 24 for Michelle Obama and nine for the first lady — Melania Trump’s workplace is comparatively small.

“Like everything that she’s doing, she’s being very deliberate in her hiring, focusing on quality over quantity,” communications director Stephanie Grisham stated in an email. “It is important to her that the staff is a fantastic match for what she would like to achieve as first lady, and that everyone works well together.

While the 2009 annual report recorded 16 staffers for Michelle Obama, her press secretary said in the time the team really included 24 people. A 2009 narrative said Obama’s 24 aides might have broken records.

“That may indeed be the largest of any lady, however Hillary Clinton, together with 19 staffers, and Laura Bush with at least 18 and maybe more, weren’t far behind,” said.

Grisham told Fox News this week you will find nine individuals working from the East Wing under Melania Trump, a couple more than recorded in the annual report.

Michelle Obama’s staff comprised the same places and a slew of other people: added media aides, a director of projects and policy, a personal aide, a traveling aide and a director of correspondence.

Michelle Obama’s office did not return a request for comment”

The critics will say Melania fired people instead of being resourceful and saving money for the White House and their Presidency. While every President and first lady face critics, there’s definitely been an insufferable and raised amount of criticism was enforced towards the Trump family, together with Barron confronting his own fierce barrage of harsh commentary from spiteful people who dislike the Trump family dwelling in the White House.

Donald and Melania perform through the criticism, doing things to create many Americans in hopes they’re constantly doing right by the citizens. They’ll always face criticism from those who oppose their leadership, even though Trump won the Presidency at a reasonable election well within one year ago.

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