Melania Just Got HUGE News In The Hospital Today That She Definitely Wasn’t Expecting

Without warning of there being a problem or Signs of one before Monday afternoon, First Lady Melania Trump was Hurried to Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday, just outside of Washington, D.C..

Now over 24 hours following her serious surgery, Melania remains in the hospital. She’ll be there all week but is in tears for another reason aside from her physical pain.

The First Family has continuously found themselves in the center of controversy that was unnecessary since the second President Trump’s effort started. Malania is often in the epicenter of ridicule from liberals despite her tremendous class and providing no reason to deserve such hate.

So when it was declared that she had been rushed to the hospital and gone into emergency surgery, liberals used the frightening situation as a reason to attack the Trumps.

Claims made about her needing weekly “break” from her “awful” husband flew across all over the Web among other disgusting verbal attacks, a few of which blamed Trump for her health condition.

As soon as it’s absolutely despicable to use a situation like this to garbage Melania’s marriage as well as the president, not everyone in the nation has been so classless. Since the First Lady stays in the hospital, she just obtained an incredible get well gift from awesome Americans who love and support her.

It is hard enough to need to be stuck in a hospital bed for an whole week, from the family and the comfort of your own home. However, to hear all the hurtful things being said about you and your husband as you are attempting to heal makes it worse.

For this reason, Melania needs to be flooded with a reminder that a large part of America appreciates her and hope she has a speedy recovery. You can be a part of it also!

The First Lady just got news now in the hospital which Americans are praying for her using a get well card that’s gone round. Thousands of signatures are flood in and there can’t be too many. If you’d like to signal this digital “get well card” for Melania, it is possible to do so here, and let her know you support her.

After every one the strikes, Melania’s office has published a statement on her behalf.

Melania Trump “deserves personal privacy” after her kidney surgery and hospitalization, a spokeswoman for the very first lady says.

“I am not likely to expand beyond the announcement I set out,” Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s communications director, told CNN in a Tuesday announcement following a question about the 48-year-old first lady’s hospital stay.

The cable system says it had asked why Trump’s remain at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center would be as long as a week after a routine procedure.

“The First Lady is in good spirits and she is resting. There are HIPAA laws to think about, but she also deserves personal privacy,” Grisham told the community.

It’s absolutely okay that Melania asks for personal privacy within this time, especially since it’s been offended by disrespectful liberals. We wish Melania a quick recovery so she can return to what she enjoys, her loved ones and helping as many children in America as she can.

Featured Image Source H/T: PSRepublic

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