Melania’s Major Monday Announcement Just Leaked And She’s Already Being Attacked Over It

And once again that the Liberal Mainstream Media has taken to attacking our First Lady Melania Trump to do the proper thing.

We’re now getting multiple accounts that Melania Trump will be announcing her eagerly anticipated formal stage tomorrow during a Rose Garden event in the White House.

But naturally, instead of being happy for the occasion the media has decided to take our first woman to task over the fact that she’s taken almost 16 weeks to her tenure as the first woman to make this statement.

While Melania since September of this past year said she plans to concentrate her efforts to the well-being of kids, she’d yet to mention exactly what that means. Although she has said on multiple occasions that she would not land on just one specific difficulty she did hint at the fact that she’d have a more “multi-pronged” approach which could encompass numerous areas of child wellbeing.

This makes perfect sense because previously the First Lady has touched everything from assisting kids fight negativity, to coping with the ramifications of opioid abuse on newborns and putting a stop to bullying on social networking platforms.

As recently as last month, the first lady hosted a small group of 12 children at the White House for a listening session about the psychological issues they face in their lives, both in home and in college.

And in March, she convened a group of leaders from several tech companies, some of which comprised Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Snaphat, to talk about children and internet security. An aspect that comprised cyberbullying and positivity in social networking.

During this meeting, the first woman indirectly addressed the elephant in the room, which is all of the altercations the President was involved in on Twitter in the past couple of decades, to that she said

“I am well aware that people are doubtful of me talking this topic, I have been criticized because of my dedication to tackling this issue and I know that will last. But it will not stop me from doing what I know is right.”

Featured Image Source H/T: RWNOfficial

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