Michelle Just Emerged From Nowhere With Horrific New Look – That Wasn’t All She Was Hiding

The former First Lady, Michelle Obama has taken a strange leave from the public scene for the last couple of months. But as expected, it was only a matter of time before she reappeared, largely due to fear of being forgotten.

It looks like she has been busy all this time, planning her big return. Reportedly, Michelle was occupied, finishing her multi-million dollar memoir, about her marriage, her time in the White House, her motherhood, and her life as a former first lady. Anyways, she probably won’t be revealing any of the secrets people really want to know about in her new book.

Nevertheless, apparently the book wasn’t her only debut, she also came up with a strange look to go with it.

She took everybody by surprise when she showed up in a shocking outfit a couple of weeks ago. Naturally, people’s feelings about her book reviews as well as her appearance were widely different.

The former First Lady, appeared in New York City on February 28 for her book promotion looking like this.

Pop Sugar described her look as somewhere between strange and cringeworthy girl-crush. The report stated : “Michelle Obama looks amazing in blue, and that’s a fact.
She stopped by the Kick Health Event in NYC on Feb. 28 and spoke on stage while wearing a denim button-down with black slacks and shoes. The top wasn’t your average business-professional shirt, though. It featured oversize pocket details and a raw, frayed hemline, which gave the piece an edgy feel. Michelle then added her own stylish touch with a belt fastened by a silver ring.

Perhaps the left failed to notice a few bold and powerful blue looks, Melania pulled off. And the interesting thing is that Melania has no one dressing her up and preparing her for appearances, unlike Michelle who had a whole tax-paid crew to do everything for her. Still, the current First Lady never fails to amaze us with her exceptionally classy outfits that are far better than Michelles’.

Melania’s decision to choose her own outfits was her choice, refusing to waste taxpayer money on such ridiculous things.

Comparing Michelle to royalty, as liberals often like to do is actually quite grotesque. She will never have the elegance and class that a person like Princess Kate Middleton possesses, so all this comparison really does is insult the princess.

And even though certainly not everyone has the same fashion taste, or taste in people, the reactions that Michelle received on her outfit were largely exaggerated. This unusual response to the blue top that she wore, which looked rather average, poses the question why is she admired for everything she wears, when Malania continually receives criticism for far more fashionable choices than this?

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Featured Image Source H/T: Daily Vine

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