Muslim Demands To Wear Veil At School Since It’s Not Banned, Principal Has Perfect Reply

When a woman enrolled her daughter at a prestigious elementary school, she arrived in a veil and demanded to enter the premises without showing everyone her identity. However, after warning the school that they can’t prohibit her face covering because it’s not against their rules, the principal had a simple yet brilliant response.

When single mother Rachida Serroukh, 37, enrolled her 11-year-old daughter at London’s prestigious Holland Park School in Kensington, she wasn’t planning on integrating. The devout Muslim woman, who has worn a burqa for 14 years, hoped to force the school to offer her special treatment, invoking her religious supremacy by waltzing into the building with every inch of her body completely covered.

Immediately, a school staff member pulled Serroukh aside, informing her that it was a security and health risk to allow her to cover her face at a school in which very young children are present. Outraged that she would be expected to show her face like everyone else, Serroukh called the principal to demand her right to wear the veil since there wasn’t a written rule prohibiting it. Incredibly, head teacher Colin Hall relayed the perfect response.

Deputy head Ross Wilson explained that Serroukh is absolutely right, which is exactly why the school is planning to create an amendment that will outright ban face covering on the premises, according to Breitbart.

“It has not been necessary to date for the school to have this requirement stated in written policy,” wrote Wilson. “Given the concerns you have raised, we are now considering a written amendment to our health and safety policy to include this specific requirement and will follow the normal protocol of seeking the approval of the governing body.”

The Guardian reports that Serroukh is furious with the school and plans to sue them for discrimination, despite their efforts to enforce a rule that applies to everyone equally.

“I had had no problem from security at the school gate when I entered the school and nobody there had mentioned a policy. I always lift my veil and show my photo ID when required to do so for security purposes,” she said. “I didn’t want to challenge the teacher until I had seen the policy.”

Of course, showing her face to security doesn’t resolve the threat that such a restrictive garment poses in a school. Self-proclaimed secular Muslim and British radio host Maajid Nawaz pointed out that appeasing this Muslim woman’s demand will only give way to more demands.

“If you were a school teacher and you were responsible for handing over a child to somebody at the school gates and that person had their face covered, in all good consciousness, in all good faith, could you really say to me that you would be able to hand over that child to somebody whose face you cannot recognize?” Nawaz said. “That should be illegal in this country because I’ve just given you cases where it’s been abused by terrorists.”

Nawaz warns that allowing the Islamic face veil sets a precedence that will draw in more individuals who wish to conceal their identities. He reminds the public that while one covered individual might not pose much of a threat, it would be impossible for security to monitor 10 or 20 veiled women to constantly ask them to re-identify themselves.

“It’s just a simple matter of commons sense and fact. If I can’t see your face, I don’t know who you are and I don’t want people who I don’t know who they are around children,” he concluded.

Time after time, we hear Muslims complain that the West is intolerant of multiculturalism and diversity simply because some of us refuse to be subjugated to their never-ending religious demands. Ironically, their call for diversity is merely virtue signaling, as Muslim-majority countries are the most religiously and culturally homogenous nations on earth.

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