Roseanne Just Made Heartbreaking Announcement About Her Immediate Future

On Wednesday Roseanne Barr tweeted that she might actually fight ABC’s move to cancel her show after an offensive tweet for which she apologized for. Good for her! But what was also very interesting, and not far-fetched at all was the fact that she appeared to endorse the idea that former first lady Michelle Obama could have been behind her firing.

All this came about when ABC announced that it would be canceling her number one rated show “Roseanne” after Barr sent out a controversial tweet about Barack Obama’s top White House aide and friend, Valerie Jarrett.

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj,” Barr wrote.

But on Wednesday, Barr continued by tweeting that the positive feedback she has been receiving from people who support her has emboldened her efforts to combat ABC. Barr said she is going to examine all of her options and fight back.

Although almost a week later her show is still, and probably will remain canceled, most of her fans are wishing that another network, like Fox who picked up “Last Man Standing,” would maybe pick up the show. But as fans keep fanning the flames on those rumors, Roseanne showed up to pour ice cold water on them.

Barr also responded to another tweet to dispell a fake story that Fox had already agreed to pick up the show in 3 months.

Meanwhile, a rumor that is, in fact, truth is the one which came out late last week that they would continue the show “Roseanne” without its superstar. And considering ABC belongs to Disney my bet is they will make it surrounding the kid who is confused as to how he is supposed to dress.

More on this via Slash Film:

“A Roseanne spinoff that wisely omits Roseanne is all but a done deal at this point. Multiple sources report that execs and creatives are working on a way to bring the show back with almost the entire cast and crew, while omitting Roseanne Barr herself. That’s fine.

A little over a week ago, ABC pulled the plug on their popular Roseanne revival after star Roseanne Barr posted a racist comment on her already-toxic Twitter account. Since then, there have been rumblings of a possible way to save the show without Roseanne being involved. Now, it seems like that’s all but a done deal. Earlier this week, TMZ reported that ABC was considering rebranding the show to make Sara Gilbert‘s Darlene, Roseanne’s daughter on the show, the new main character. Gilbert allegedly reached out to see if they would be interested in taking part in such a show, and co-star John Goodman apparently said he was “very interested.”

The Roseanne revival was really Gilbert’s project – she spearheaded the revival, and it was clear bringing the show back meant a lot to her. Unfortunately, that meant hitching the series to Roseanne Barr, a figure who has used her Twitter account to push conspiracy theories and racist views. Now, however, Gilbert might have a chance to bring the show back without all that toxic baggage.

Less than 24 hours ago, both Deadline and THR have both offered updates on what’s going on with all of this. Deadline says “there is no big news to report but there has been some progress”, adding that executive producers Tom Werner and Gilbert are both spearheading efforts to keep the show going with the original writers and crew. Deadline also says that while chances of a Roseanne-less Rosanne revival are getting better every day, there are also hurdles to overcome, such as “legal and rights issues that need to be settled as Barr was executive producer on the series and has ownership/backend.”

THR, meanwhile, says a “formal announcement could come this week” to make the new reboot official. Like Deadline, they also report that virtually everyone in the cast (except Roseanne Barr, of course) will be back, as well as the original crew, creative team and showrunner Bruce Helford. Multiple deals are being discussed – they just have to zero in on one.

This is for the best. The cast of the show – especially Goodman and Laurie Metcalf, who plays Roseanne’s sister – all deserve better than being tethered to Barr’s toxic orbit. Giving these actors a chance to step out of the shadow of the previous show and forge something potentially better is a winning scenario. We just need to see when and if it will happen.”

Not sure about all of you, but I for one won’t be watching “Roseanne” without Roseanne!

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