Sarah Laughs In CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s Face After Catching Him In Huge Lie On Live TV

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was pumped up as Sarah Huckabee Sanders agreed to appear on his live TV show. Since CNN’s ratings are in the dumper, thanks to President Donald Trump labeling them “fake news,” Cuomo was out to make the press secretary look like a fool. As expected, the Trump hating pundit attacked Sanders with a huge lie. Sarah brilliantly laughed in his face, while slapping him with the hard truth.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo demonstrated once again why Americans agree with President Trump’s assessment they are fake news. Cuomo had a golden opportunity to be a fair and balanced journalist as Sarah Sanders agreed to an interview on his live TV show. Instead, Cuomo attacked Sanders with such a huge lie, she burst out laughing.

Cuomo started out by defending CNN’s reputation. “Do you think that by saying, ‘We [CNN] stink,’ that we don’t like veterans, that we are bad for America, the president says we are enemies of America, do you think that that works for you long-term?” Cuomo asked.

“What I think is important to remember is that you guys get to ask the questions, but you can’t always complain about the answers,” Sanders shot back. “You constantly ask the same question over and over and over again and expect different answers and then get mad when the answers don’t change.”

Cuomo cuts her off, saying, “Yeah, that’s the job, that’s the job!” Sarah slaps him hard with the truth, saying, “No, the job is to get information and to report the news!

She adds, “Unfortunately, you guys quit reporting the news. When I can read a news story and I have no idea what side of the story the reporter is on, that’s a good news story. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a lot of news that looks like that [on CNN].

Boom. Sarah Huckabee Sanders stunned Cuomo with schooling him on what his job really should be. She laughs as he tries to defend CNN as a reputable news source when every American knows CNN is a propaganda network out to tell lies and falsehoods about President Trump.

The Daily Caller reports, “White House press secretary Sarah Sanders knocked CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday and accused his network of reporting opinion rather than the news. Cuomo bristled at Sanders’ suggestion that he is an opinion journalist and claimed that she doesn’t answer the public’s questions during White House press briefings.”

Cuomo wouldn’t even have a job if his brother wasn’t the governor of New York. He has time and time again lied protecting the Democrats. Going back to 2015, Cuomo sided with Hillary Clinton’s account of Benghazi. He denied the Obama Administration did anything wrong. To this day, Cuomo has never apologized for reporting “a video started the Benghazi attack.”

Last week, Cuomo claimed there was “proof of potential collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign. What? Yep, he went head to head with Rep. Jim Jordan who blew him out of the water exposing his ridiculous lies.

Jordan claimed the federal government lied when it obtained Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and said it relied on a false dossier to prop up its case.

“They did disclose where the dossier came from. It is not all false allegations in that dossier,” Cuomo shot back. What? Does this idiot really believe a FISA court judge would approve a warrant if they knew the evidence was a bought and paid for unverified dossier by Hillary Clinton?

Jordan, totally incensed with Cuomo’s lies, says to him, “You know this to be the case even though you have never seen the FISA application yourself.” Yeah, that shut Cuomo down. But to this day he is still promoting “no one spied on the Trump campaign” even after Democrats had to admit that was true.

CNN’s horrendous line-up of Chris Cuomo, Jim Acosta, and April Ryan proves they are not in the news business. They are in the propaganda business, and these clowns are no match for Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Our beloved press secretary takes a blow torch to their lies on a daily basis. Thank God for Sarah Sanders, Americans love her because we love the truth.

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