Sarah Sanders Steps To Podium, Wipes Smirk Of Chuck Schumer’s Face With 7 Words

The White House press Secretary Sarah Sanders loves to derail Liberals and give tremendous answers on their stupid arrogant questions.

The mainstream media have only one intention, and their success is to ruin president Trump’s great politics and damage the country’s reputation in every possible way.

It’s disgusting to listen their arrogant questions, but it’s satisfying to listen Sarah’s answers and the angry liberal faces later.

According to Subject Politics:

The White House press Secretary S, arah Sanders held her daily press briefing and the mainstream reporters were having their questions ready, believing that they will bury Sanders. Apparently she showed them who’s in charge at the White House, and she did it perfectly.

The first wave of questions was about Steve Banon’s case and the White House lawyers, who told him not to speak about certain topics in front of Hill leaders.

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson tried to say couple of bad words for president Trump, which is no surprise, as their only intention is to derail his work in the office.

Then Chuck Shummer pushed his radical agenda and started the show. He believes in government shutdown and wants to earn political points mentioning DACA, but he knows that Democrats got no chance in 2018. Chuck’s intention is clear, putting Trump in a corner situation and blame him for eventual government shutdown. It’s good to mention that his idea will never come to light, and Sarah tried to explain him the same.

“I am not sure how it would the President wants a budget deal – the budget deal should not be tied to a political agenda the Democrats are pushing….What we would like to see happen is let’s strike a budget deal by Friday and come back to work and solve DACA and border security.

The number one priority is national security and fully funding our military and I would think the Democrats share this? We need Democrats to do their jobs.”

“Democrats either need to decide that they’re gonna come here to do their jobs and they’re gonna govern and they’re gonna put our national security ahead of their own personal political agendas or’s really simple..and that’s the decision you’re gonna need to ask the Democrats, what’s more important,” Sarah finished.

What do you think about Chuck and his agenda?

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Subject Politics.

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