Seconds After FISA Memo Is Released, Trump Stuns The World With Game-Changing Announcement

On Friday, the notorious FISA memo was officially released, despite protests from Democrats and the FBI. Seconds later, President Donald Trump stunned the world with a game-changing announcement.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months or have just decided to follow politics for the first time today, the memo in question details crimes committed by the former Obama administration and the Clinton campaign in digging up fake dirt on President Donald Trump so that they could illegally obtain FISA warrants to spy on his presidential campaign.

Ben Shapiro provided a list of the five most important things to know about the information contained in the memo released Friday:

  1. The FBI and DOJ lied to the FISA Court about the grounds for a warrant on Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page.
  2. The media helped garner the warrant.
  3. [Christopher] Steele [who authored the dossier] didn’t like Trump, but this information wasn’t included in the FISA application either.
  4. Most importantly, the Carter Page application was NOT the launching point of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.
  5. This memo doesn’t endanger national security. [Source: The Daily Wire]

President Donald Trump let his feelings be known when he was asked about the FISA memo this morning. “I think it’s terrible,” he said. “You want to know the truth? It’s a disgrace – what is going on in this country.” He continued, “When you look at that and you see that and so many other things going on. A lot of people should be ashamed of themselves.”

Then, Trump dropped a bombshell that should put the fear of God into a lot of criminals from the Obama administration. “Let’s see what happens but a lot of people should be ashamed,” he said. Rightfully, Trump wants these people held accountable!

Finally, we are able to see the truth of what went on behind the scenes during the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, and it does not inspire much confidence in our government entities. However, we can still rest easy knowing that the right person for the job was elected and now sits in the Oval Office each day working towards his goal of making America great again.

Even after all of the shenanigans that Hillary Clinton pulled — even after stealing the primary election from Bernie Sanders, even after using a private email server while she was Secretary of State, and even after using false information to obtain a FISA warrant — she was still unable to secure the White House. How pathetic is that?

This woman could not have had any more help than she did. She had Hollywood in her pocket, she had the support of the White House at the time, she had untold amounts of money in her campaign coffers. Still, she could not get the job done.

But, it’s no wonder Hillary thought she had it in the bag. She was running around manipulating the FBI and the DOJ, even after being under investigation for using a private email server while she was Secretary of State! It makes perfect sense why this woman believed she was above the law — that’s precisely how she was treated under the leadership of Barack Obama.

Hillary is like a petulant teenager who goes around committing petty crimes thinking they are invincible and will never be caught. Well, she may have escaped jail time, which any other lawless American would have been made to serve, but she’ll never have the one thing which she has always wanted the most; namely, the title of first female President of the United States.

Instead, she’ll have to settle for being known as the only woman to have ever lost the White House twice — a major embarrassment to all of the liberal feminists who worship the ground she walks on.

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