Trump Eviscerates Obama Rules: Every Illegal Caught Crossing Border Will Now Face Brutal Punishment

The liberal left was pushing to pick and choose what laws to follow centered on whether they hurt your feelings.

For example, Democrat governors throughout the nation love letting convicts out of jail since it is mean to place them in jail for drugs.

Also, just examine the immigration issue. Democrats have been telling us that we ought to ignore federal immigration legislation since it hurts people’s feelings. In reality, California had the audacity to create it against the law to follow the law.

Trump was doing a fantastic job cleaning up Obama’s mess however there is still a long way to go.

This week, we learned that the Trump Admin is taking still another step to restore some sanity to our border.

From Conservative Tribune:

Although President Trump has confronted barrier in building which guaranteed wall, his government is cracking down on illegal immigration nonetheless.

The Washington Times reported on a major immigration enforcement policy announcement Monday from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement head Thomas Homan near the boundary in San Diego.

The new policy, which can be significantly stricter than that of the Obama government, is that any and all illegal immigrants caught crossing the boundary illicitly will probably be charged with illegally entering the country, along with parents who bring children across with them may face additional charges of human smuggling. The parents are also detained — separate from their children — while awaiting a hearing on the fees.

Here’s more.

From Washington Times:

While most boundary jumpers will face charges for illegally entering the U.S., parents who bring their children together as they slip across may face smuggling charges, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said. That could mean they will be separated from their children while they wait their trials — and function sentences.

“Our goal is to have the entire world understand this border is not open. Do not come unlawfully,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said while standing in the boundary in San Diego, alongside U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief Thomas D. Homan.

Prosecutions have become the exception rather than the rule, with the majority of individuals who jump the boundary place into civil deportation proceedings.

But illegal entry is a misdemeanor offense and trying to sneak back in after a prior deportation is a felony. Mr. Homan and Mr. Sessions said it’s time the government start treating them.

It’s about time somebody started taking the border severely.

We’re seeing some fantastic things occur at the edge but conservatives are not going to be happy until that wall has been built.

The wall was with no doubt Trump’s main promise and it’s difficult to envision the base showing up for him if there isn’t some serious progress made on that front.

Featured Image Source H/T: ConservativeCash

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