Trump Has HAD IT! Sarah Sanders Announces They’re ALL Banned From White House Effective NOW!

White House has determined that staffers and guests will no longer be able to use personal cell phones in the West Wing.

The announcement came right after a book came out against the Trump Administration in January which was rumored to be a tell-all book of the inner-workings of the Trump Administration.

One that prompted President Donald Trump to threaten Steve Bannon with legal action since the book is filled with quotes from him.

“The safety and integrity of the technology systems in the White House is a leading priority for the Trump administration. Therefore, beginning next week the use of all personal apparatus for both guests and staff will no longer be allowed from the West Wing,” she said. “Staff will have the ability to conduct business in their government-issued devices and keep working on behalf of the American men and women.”

However, what Press Secretary Sanders declined to answer was if the White House personal mobile phone ban will also apply to the President’s devices.

This is a step that has been in discussions since early November of last year once the press started to suffer from flows that no one other than White House staff might have been responsible for.

This ban announcement followed the release of this now largely discredited book “Fire and Fury: Within the Trump White House,” by Michael Wolff, which went on to show widespread dysfunction and infighting inside the government.

Maybe among the most destructive parts from the book is where Steve Bannon referred to a meeting of Trump effort officials with a Russian attorney in Trump Tower during the presidential campaign “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.”

Which prompted an attorney for the President to threaten him with legal action because he violated a written confidentiality and nondisparagement agreement the moment he talked to Wolff.

Never did we hear any other difficulty within the White House, possibly together with the president or-or staff.

This is more on this jumble through Bloomberg:

“The White House may ban its employees by using personal mobile phones while in work, raising concerns among some staffers including that they will be cut off from family and friends, according to seven administration officials.

President Donald Trump has complained about press leaks because taking office, but one official said the potential change isn’t connected to concerns regarding unauthorized disclosures to news organizations.

One official said that there are too many devices on the campus wireless network and that private phones aren’t as secure as those issued by the national authorities. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly — whose personal phone was found to be compromised by hackers earlier this year — is leading the push for a ban, another official said.

The officers requested anonymity to go over the proposal since it is not closing.

The White House takes precautions with private wireless devices, including by requiring officials to leave phones in cubbies outside meeting rooms where sensitive or classified data is discussed. Top officials have not yet decided whether or when to enforce the ban, and when it might apply to all staff from the executive office of president.

While some lower-level officials encourage a ban others fear it could bring about a run of disruptive unintended consequences.

Mobile devices issued from the White House aren’t able to send text messages, making a hardship for staff who say texting is frequently the easiest way for their own families to reach them in the center of a busy day of meetings. Other staff are worried that they could be accused of wasting government funds if they utilize White House-issued phones to place personal requirements.

The White House computer system blocks employees from accessing certain websites, such as Gmail and Google Hangouts, meaning that without personal devices officials may be cut off from their private email accounts during the work day.

People opposed to this thought also notice that authorities record-keeping requirements mean that documents of private calls placed to and from a government mobile phone would be archived and eventually made public.

Security priorities may override those concerns. Cell phone security continues to be a persistent problem for the White House, and sometimes some leading officials have also concerned about employees using their private devices to communicate with news reporters.

In October, Politico reported that White House officials thought Kelly’s private mobile phone had been endangered for months, raising the possibility that foreign adversaries could have gained access to data on the device.

Staffers were educated not to use their personal or normal work mobile phones during Trump’s trip to China earlier this season. Instead, they were assigned “burner” telephones if they had been compromised by a cyber attack.

From the early months of this government, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer demanded members of his team turn over their mobile phones for random checks to find out if they had leaked damaging information to the media.

Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus proposed a ban on personal cellular phones before he abandoned his post in July, a person familiar with the issue said.

Featured Image Source H/T: NBCNews

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