Trump’s About To Drop BIG BLOW On Kathy Griffin After Coming Back With Repulsive Attack On Barron

Kathy Griffin strikes out. This time the failed female comedic went after Barron Trump, breaking the unwritten code of honor that kids are off-limits to dark humor and humor, but she only had to move there.

Griffin has fallen off the rails of her own profession after she displayed a troubling head of President Donald Trump and subsequently lost her job with Squatty Potty along with her New Year’s Eve gig.

Griffin faced the brutal fact from critics as what little career she had dwindled down to nearly nothing. Griffin finally left the country and attempted to revive her career everywhere, but seemed to have little effect nor spark any authentic action within her left wing career.

Griffin has fought being irrelevant during the tenure of her entire career, especially because she is not really funny, and she is apparently making another attempt to become relevant.

She is at it again though, as she tries to be noticed by the public, they once more denounced and criticized harshly. Griffin was speaking in a press conference talking about that photo of her and the head of Trump and that’s where she moved after his son.

Kathy Griffin sank to new lows as she verbally went following Barron Trump and threatened physical violence towards him, offering to “deliver a beat down” into a boy who was only 11-years-old in the time. Kathy Griffin is 57-years-old and talking about beating a boy that has done nothing wrong except for being born to a great set of parents.

It’s one thing to go after other adults with attempts to be funny, edgy, or sarcastic.

Breitbart reported more about Kathy Griffin threatening to beat Barron: “the comedian was asked about an interview she gave to Vulture at December in which she said was pleased to “deliver a beat down” into Trump’s youngest son, 11-year-old Barron Trump.

“It’s not about trying to become an equal-opportunity offender anymore because Hillary got such a beat down. It is his turn. So I’m Pleased to deliver beat down to Donald Trump — and to Barron,” Griffin told Vulture at the Equality Now Gala on December 9.

“You realize a lot of comics will go difficult for Donald, my advantage is that I’ll go straight for Barron. I’m going to get in before the game,” she added.

“You are talking about some thing from a comedy act years ago, I believe,” Bloom said. “We can have edgy comics in the usa. Comics can declare. Comics can produce images that aren’t suitable for children… it isn’t the job of a comic to filter everything down to the amount of an 11-year-old.”

One may think Kathy Griffin knew that children were off limits, but she doesn’t seem to follow the unwritten rules of existence. Comedians constantly say things that are offensive and it’s acceptable since they are comedians.

On the other hand, the gifted comedians are able to leave people’s kids from the equation when they are going after other adults using their sarcastic commentary.

Featured Image Source H/T: Breitbart

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