Two Of Obama’s Most Powerful Swamp Besties Are Stepping Down, You’ll Be Surprised

Despite the fact that Barack Obama left office a year back, we all realize that his dynamic legacies proceed. Furthermore, it’s shocking. Gratefully, two of Obama’s most prized achievements, Obamacare, and amnesty for illegals, are finishing. This is all because of President Trump’s policy and regulation changes.

Be that as it may, Obama still has his way in the federal government, the same number of representatives amid the Obama administration has remained amid President Trump’s first year, essentially to be a headache for him. What’s more, that is the reason numerous conservatives are calling for President Trump too, as a result, “drain the swamp.

Since the most exceedingly bad of Obama’s policies have finished, President Trump is doing precisely what conservatives are inquiring. He is viably draining the swamp by constraining two dynamic liberals out of their prominent State Department places of energy. He didn’t need to formally do it – they cleared out before he found the opportunity. Furthermore, Obama is angry.

Via Breitbart:

Two of the top ten Obama holdover bureaucrats Breitbart News reported in February President Trump could fire or remove are stepping down from their State Department refugee roles.

Acting Assistant Secretary of the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration Simon Henshaw is stepping down from that position, Reuters reported on Saturday.

“In an interview on Saturday evening, Henshaw told Reuters he was leaving his position in a routine professional move unrelated to the Trump administration’s policies, which have curtailed refugee admissions. A State Department spokeswoman also said Henshaw’s move was routine,” Reuters reported.

“On Tuesday, Reuters reported that Lawrence Bartlett, previously the head of the refugee admissions office at the State Department, had been given a temporary re-assignment in the State Department office handling Freedom of Information Act requests,” Reuters noted.

The FOIA office in the State Department is the bureaucratic equivalent of an exile to Siberia for someone with Bartlett’s background, sources tell Breitbart News.

As Breitbart News reported in December, Bartlett had been on a temporary assignment in Puerto Rico.

Henshaw was number 7 on Breitbart’s top ten Obama holdover bureaucrats list, and Bartlett was number 9.

This is empowering news for conservatives. To see two of Obama’s most dynamic laborers leave their effective positions is astonishing news. They plainly realized that their chance was up and that they would soon get canned something else.

So here’s to another “drain the swamp” win for President Trump!

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h/t Breitbart


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