What’s Going on With Nancy Pelosi? Watch as She Chases Congressman Across House Floor

Democratic congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, physically lunges at fellow congressman Tom Marino.

While speaking on the House floor about topics like DACA and border security, Rep. Tom Marino dared to speak up against her to which Pelosi responded in a rather psychotic manner. Upon hearing Marion’s remarks, Nancy Pelosi yelled ‘how dare you,’ before physically advancing towards him. Since when did politics turn into a wrestling match for the WWE?

Politicians are supposedly mature leaders who can stand up and provide a voice for the people who elected them. Nowadays it’s more like a bunch of toddlers throwing a temper tantrum because they don’t want someone else playing with their toys. It’s truly pathetic and Nancy Pelosi is a complete joke he should save herself the future embarrassments that are bound to occur and just resign.

Pelosi breached decorum in an extremely unusual way when she decided it was a good idea to charge down Representative Tom Marino after taking serious offense to the comments the Pennsylvania Republican made during a debate on the border funding bill.

The Congressman was right at the butt end of Pelosi’s anger. Tom Marino spoke to Fox News after the matter to explain exactly what happened that day. He explained that Pelosi insulted him and his constituents out of pure anger. She even called him “insignificant” numerous times.

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Pelosi spokeswoman Evangeline George stated, “Leader Pelosi just wanted to remind the Congressman that House Democrats had the courage to pass the DREAM Act – and have the courage to stand up for what the American people want: bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform. Pelosi accepted the Congressman’s apology.”

Marino’s chief of staff Bill Tighe had a different take on the situation and explained that Marino did no such thing as apologize to Pelosi since he had no reason to.

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