With ONE Question Ted Cruz Got Sally Yates To Give Up The Secret About Obama And His Refugees

U.S Attorney General Sally Yates has been accused of spying on the Trump administration.

In fact, her hearing with the U.S Senate took place recently.

During that hearing NSA Director, James Clapper, shocked the world by admitting that he had a part in unmasking private government officials.

We have Senator Ted Cruz to thank for that. He single handedly caught both Yates and Clapper in their little lies and got them to admit their acts. A big thanks to Liberty Writers who informed us that while the argument was going on Cruz put Yates on blast by simply asking her one question.

During their arguments Cruz asked Yates what was the reason for her going against our president’s decision to ban refugees who are coming from terrorist states. Yates responded that the President of the U.S does not have the right to set up a refugee ban. So she blocked Trump’s ban. You can witness Senator Cruz in action in the video below.

It seems Sally Yates along with the other Democrats skipped over the fact that a little while back when Obama was head of the White House, he was the one that discovered Kentucky was flooded with Al-Qaeda refugees and for that he banned all refugees from Iraq to enter the U.S. That ban was active for six months. Now ask yourselves, how did he do that if the before mentioned statement that Sally Yates made is true?

But of course, at that time Yates said nothing about it. She agreed with every decision Obama ever made. So did the rest of the leftists. They neither said anything about Obama’s decision to block refugees. No protests on the American streets, no nothing. So all of a sudden, when Obama does something that is not right, we’re all good? Shameful!

Ted Cruz absolutely crushed Sally Yates. Caught her red handed! Leave a comment in the comment section down below and let us know what do you think about this situation!

God bless America and the American people!

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